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Money talks

In his new book, Ali Velshi tells us how to speak the language of money.

[photo of Ali Velshi book cover]

CNN broadcast journalist Ali Velshi, Artsci’94, has co-written a new book to encourage people to get comfortable speaking the language of finance. In How to Speak Money (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., $29.95), Ali and fellow CNN financial journalist Christine Romans pair up to present their (sometimes opposing) views on money issues, including investment options, household budgeting, and employment trends. Ali and Christine, both financial authors in their own right, liked the idea of writing a “He said/She said” perspective about money. “But beyond that,” says Ali, “we wanted to give our readers a sense of real opportunity and global trends in employment, education and investment, and outline for them how they could take advantage of those trends."

What is important, he thinks, is becoming comfortable talking about money, so that one can make better financial decisions. “We all know something about the language of money, but not enough to feel comfortable and fluent. And that intimidates people. Getting comfortable with money experts is like getting comfortable with a mechanic or a dentist or a hairdresser. You don’t speak the same language as they do, pertaining to the service that they are offering you, so you need something to connect on. Some readers will connect with Christine and the caution that comes from being the granddaughter of Midwestern farmers. Others might relate to my more aggressive approach to money, being the son of first-generation immigrants. A husband and a wife can both read our book and come away saying, ‘See, I was right!’ But at least they’ll finally be talking, not arguing about money.”

Ali’s busy schedule at CNN has gotten a lot busier of late. In addition to being CNN’s Chief Business Correspondent and host of the weekend show Your Money, this winter, he added new segments on CNN/US., providing analysis for the top stories of the day. He also took on a new role for CNN International, as anchor of “World Business Today,” a daily business news program. And that’s on top of his blogging, tweeting, podcasts, and other duties. So how did he fit in co-writing a book with his hectic work schedule? “I’m not much of a sleeper,” he laughs. “Never have been, which is what makes working for a 24-hour global news operation a perfect fit.”

And besides his workaholic stance, what may be his ulterior motive for being one of the busiest people on CNN? Ali says, tongue-in-cheek, “I like being able to go head-to-head with Wolf Blitzer for the person who spends the greatest number of hours on air!”

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