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Volume 39 No 2 - Spring 2014


Constance Backhouse, " 'We Don't Hire a Woman Here':  Claire L'Heureux-Dubé and the Career Prospects for Early Female Law Graduates from Laval University"

Tamar Frankel, "Toward Universal Fiduciary Principles"

M.H. Ogilvie, "Are Members of the Clergy Without the Law? Hart v. Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of the Diocese of Kingston

Patricia L. Farnese, "Searching for Wildlife: A Critique of Canada's Regulatory Response to Emerging Zoonotic Diseases"

Douglas Sanderson, "Overlapping Consensus, Legislative Reform and the Indian Act"

Craig Forcese, "A Tale of Two Citizenships: Citizenship Revocation for 'Traitors and Terrorists' "

Robert Diab, "R v. Khawaja and the Fraught Question of Rehabilitation in Terrorism Sentencing"

Brendon Murphy & John Anderson, "After the Serpent Beguiled Me: Entrapment and Sentencing in Australia and Canada"

Adelina Iftene, Lynne Hanson & Allan Manson, "Tort Claims and Canadian Prisoners"

Cherie Metcalf, "Property Law Culture: Public Law, Private Preferences and the Psychology of Expropriation"

Erika Chamberlain, "Fiduciary Aspects of Misfeasance in a Public Office"

Book Review

The Honourable Marion Boyd, "Islam, Sharia and Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mechanisms for Legal Redress in the Muslim Community" Mohamed M. Keshavjee. London, UK: IB Tauris & Co, 2013.

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