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Queen's University

My Workbench


My Workbench is the area in WebPublish that you will come to find your work.  It is different for each user depending on their role in WebPublish and on the work they have been doing.


My Workbench has 4 tabs


My Content


The My Content  tab is the first one you see when you open  My Workbench


It is divided into 3 sections:

  • My Profile- This section gives information about the user;  their email address, their role.
  • My Edits - The five most recent updates will be displayed.  To view all of them either click the view all button at the bottom of the My Edits section, or click the My Edits button at the top of the screen, under the tabs.
  • All Recent Content - Shows not just what the logged in user has been working on but what has been edited by others.  To see everything, click the view all button at the bottom of the All Recent Content area or the All Recent Content button at the top of the screen, under the tabs.



My Edits

The My Edits page will show the pages that the current user has been working on. As the web site grows this list will also grow.  To make it easier to locate pages there is a search area at the top of the page.  A title can be entered to search for or choose between published, unpublished, or all pages. Each user can also set the number of items to show per page. 


Additionally each column title can be sorted on.  By default the Last Updated column is the sorted column.  If the Title column is sorted then the list will be alphabetized.  If the Published column is sorted  all the published pages will be sorted  together, the Unpublished pages will be sorted  together, all Needs Review will be sorted together and all Draft will be sorted together.  




All Recent Content

The All Recent Content button will show content created by all the users, not just the user logged in. 


There are 2 new columns:  Author and Actions 

  • The Author column can be sorted on as well. 
  • The Actions column cannot be sorted on.  The Actions column shows the actions that the user can perform on the page. Click on the edit action to open the page for editing.


At the bottom of the page, there is a navigation menu.


To return to the My Workbench page click My Workbench in the breadcrumbs.





Create Content tab


The Create Content tab is where the user comes to create a Basic page.  Click the Basic page link.  Note the shortcut menu has a Create a Page link.




My Drafts tab


The My Drafts tab lists all the pages the user has created or edited that have the Moderation State of Draft.


On this page there is a column for Moderation State that shows the current state of the page.  Under the Set Moderation State are the options the user has.



  • An Editor can set a Moderation State of Needs Review, but once a page has a moderation state of Needs Review the editor can no longer set the moderation state
  • If the Moderation State is Draft, then the Editor can set the Moderation State to Needs Review



Site Administrator or Publisher 

  • Site Administrator or publisher will have the option of moving a Needs Review page either to the Draft state or the Published state. 
  • A Site Administrator or publisher will also have the option of moving a Draft page to either Needs Review or Published





Needs Review


The Needs Review tab allows a Publisher or Site Administrator to go to one place to see pages that have been set in a Needs Review Moderation state.  From here, the page can be viewed, the revision state can be reset to Draft if additional changes are necessary or to Published if the page is ready to go live.  The area at the top of the page can be used to sort the pages.



  • Editors will see pages they have the Set Moderation State to Needs Review.
  • Editors do not have the permissions to change the Moderation State from Needs Review to Published or from Needs Review back to Draft.
  • Editors can use this tab to ensure that pages that are set to Needs Review  are Published.




Publisher or Site Administrator

  • Publishers or Site Administrators have the necessary permissions to publish pages to the live site
  • When they view the Needs Review tab they will be able to view the page by clicking on the Title of the page
  • They will be able to Set Moderation State to Draft if additional changes are necessary. 
  • They will be able to Set Moderation State to Published if the page is ready to go live. 


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