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Lists can be embedded in your web pages as easily as they can be added to a word processing document.


Choose between ordered and unordered lists; nest list under parent lists;  and changing the properties of a list by changing what format is used for a number or bullet.



Create an Ordered List

  1. Select the Ordered list icon
    • Your first number will be placed on the screen
    • Note:  if you already had text that you want to format as a order list, click the mouse anywhere in the text  and click the ordered (or unordered) list icon.
    • Right mouse click in the list and select Numbered List Properties
  2. The Numbered List Properties screen will open
    • Select the number you want your list to Start with
    • Select the Type of numbering you want your list to be displayed in
  3. Your selections will be displayed 
    • Click the OK button

Create an Unordered List

  1. Position the cursor on on the text or blank space to become an Unordered list item
    • Select the Unordered list icon
    • The number  will switch to a bullet
    • Right mouse click anywhere in the bulleted text
    • Select Bulleted List Properties from the flyout menu
  2. The Bulleted List Properties screen will open
    • Select the Type of bullet to use
  3. The selection will be displayed in the Type field
    • Click the OK button

Create a Nested List

  1. Nested list can be the same as their parent list or they can be mixed
    • Add items to your list
    • Add a blank item (or choose one already created)
  2. With the cursor positioned in the blank item: 
    • Click the indent button
    • The list item will be indented
    • Click the unordered list icon to switch the nested list to bullets
  3. Continue adding items until the list is complete 
    • When the list is complete click the list icon to unselect it and end the list 
    • Continue adding text to the page
    • Note:  when creating a list you can switch to the nested list and out again by clicking the increase indent and decrease indent buttons.

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