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Inserting a Link to a Section of Your Page (Anchor)



Inserting a link to a section within the same page is a two step process.  First you need to identify the section that you want to link to.  This is called an anchor.  Anchors can be a title or a single word.  Second create a link to the anchor.


Create an Anchor

  1. Select the text that will be the Anchor 
    • Click the Anchor button from the menu bar
  2. The Anchor Properties screen will open 
    • In the Anchor Name dialogue box enter a name for the anchor
    • Click the OK button
  3. Your Anchor has been created 
    • Note the Anchor icon before the text that was selected to be the anchor
    • You are now ready to link to your anchor

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Once the Anchor is created it can be linked to from another location within the page, and from another web site.


  1. Select the text you want to link to the Anchor 
    • Click the Link button
  2. The Link screen will open
    • In the Link Type drop down menu select Link to anchor in the text
    • In the Select an Anchor section open the drop down menu for By Anchor Name
    • Your anchor name will be listed. Click your Anchor name to select it
    • Click the OK button
    • The link is completed.

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