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Change the Order of Pages in Navigation



The order in which pages  appear on the main menu or a menu tab  depends on their "Weight".  As each page is created the weight can be assigned a number between -50 and +50.  A page assigned the weight of -50 will be at the top of the list. The Home tab has a weight of -50.  A page assigned a weight of +50 will be at the bottom of the list.  If the weight is not assigned it is set to 0.  Pages that have a weight of 0 will be displayed in alphabetical order.  Pages that are assigned the same weight will also be sorted alphabetically.




Change the Weight on the Page


Note:  You may have to repeat this process for other pages in the menu to achieve the correct order.


  1. If a page has been published, it will need to be unpublished before the weight can be changed. 
    • This will create the Edit draft tab
  2. Click the Edit draft tab
    • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
    • From the Weight drop down menu select the weight to assign to the page
    • Click the Save button


Change the Weight on the Structure Menu


Site Administrators will also be able to change the weight of a page on the Structure menu.


  1. Click on the Structure menu to open it
    • Select Menus
  2. The Menus screen will open
    • From the Main menu select list links
  3. The List Links screen will open
    • There is a link that toggles between Hide row weights and Show row weights
    • With the row weights visible there is a Weight column
    • Notice that Home is -50
  4. To change the weight for a row, open the drop down menu
    • Select the weight for the row
    • Note that pages are indented to show they are nested on the menu
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page
    • Click the Save Configuration button
  5. Toggle to Show row weights 
    • Instead of the Weight column there are now crosshairs for each row
    • Grab the cross hairs to move the row to a new location
    • The page weights will automatically be updated
    • Note that to nest a page under another page drag it to the right under the page where it should be nested
  6. The page will be moved to the new location
    • It is highlighted to show it has moved
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page
    • Click Save Configuration
    • Note:  Changes will not be made until the Configuration has been saved
  7. Open the menu
    • Your pages have been re-ordered
    • There is a page nested under one of the others

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