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Queen's University

Moving a Page to a New Location


Site Administrators and Publishers can move a Published page.

Editors can move an unpublished page 


When you need to move a page it can be done easily.



  1. Look at the breadcrumbs for the file 
    • Note that the file is not listed in the sidebar menu under the breadcrumbs.  This is because the page has not been published.
    • If the page is published it will need to be unpublished before it can be moved.
    • To move this page to the new location click on Edit draft tab
  2. The Edit draft page will open
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page
    • Note that in our screen shot the current Parent item is --Dough
  3. Click the down arrow to expand the list
    • Choose the menu tab you would like to move the page under
    • Note you could move the page under another child page, nesting the pages.
  4. Select a Weight for the page
    • The smaller the weight number the closer to the top of the menu the page will be
    • When assigning number allow space for new pages to be inserted without having to re-number all the pages
    • If a weight is not supplied, 0 will be assigned.  Multiple pages with the same weight will be sorted alphabetically.
    • Click the Save  button
  5. The page has been moved 
    • The breadcrumbs for the page have now changed
    • Once published, the page will appear in the drop down menu and the Sidebar Menu (TUTORIALS) of the tab menu.

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