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Configuring a BlackBerry for Office 365



* Note: For older BlackBerry phones (pre-BB10), you need to request a BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) account in order to use Office 365. If you are moving from on-premise Exchange service to Office 365 and you already have a BES account, you still must set up a new one. See the BES Configuration tutorial for more information.


Re-activation after upgrade to Office 365

  • It is recommended that you back up and wipe your email from your BlackBerry device in advance of attempting to re-activate it with Office 365.
  • If you currently have a BES account on-premise with ITServices you will need to wipe the email content of your BlackBerry and request a new BES account after your email account has been moved to Office 365.



Adding an ActiveSync Enabled Account on Your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone


Adding an ActiveSync enabled email account to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is simple and straightforward:

  1. While viewing the Home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
  2. Select Settings > Accounts
    • If this is your first account, select the Advanced icon advanced_icon.jpg that appears along the bottom toolbar.
    • If you have other accounts already, select Add Account, followed by selecting Advanced
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync from the Advanced Setup options (for all ActiveSync based accounts, regardless of mail platform)
  4. Enter the required information, which includes:
    • Username - your
    • Email Address - your
    • Password - your NetID password
    • Server Address -
    • Port (443 by default) - leave at 443
    Note: optional fields include Description, Domain, toggles for SSL, VPN, and Push, as well as the Sync Timeframe.
  5. Tap Next to finish configuring the account, and then tap Done.

That’s it! You should now have a BlackBerry 10 smartphone configured with email via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.


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BES Configuration Option For Office 365 (Preferred)


Back up your BlackBerry Device


Backing up a BlackBerry device generally entails connecting it to a computer via USB cable, running installed BlackBerry software on the computer to which the device is connected, and ensuring the various types of backup operations are run. 


For assistance with this, please contact your cellular carrier.



Wiping Your Email From Your BlackBerry after Office 365 Migration



  1. Access the BlackBerry menu by pressing the BlackBerry key (left of trackball or pad).
  2. Select Options; Security Options; Security Wipe.
  3. With E-mails, Contacts, etc., checked scroll to the bottom of the screen and in the field provided type blackberry
  4. Then select Wipe by pressing the trackball(or pad).

The BlackBerry will wipe the e-mail content and restart.  This will take one or more minutes to complete. 

Once that is done you can activate it on the Office 365 service.


Note: BlackBerry 10 phones need to be configured for ActiveSync in order to access Queen's email.


Note Re Upgrade to Office 365
If you currently have a BES account with ITServices you will need to request a new BES account after your email account has been moved to Office 365.  


For increased integration features, such as syncing of Queen’s calendar and contacts data, users should request a BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) account by filling out this form: Once this code is obtained, complete the following instructions.


If you do not find the option for Enterprise Activation on your phone, RIM has provides a free Enterprise Activation app that will activate devices for BES access over a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) plan. You need to install Enterprise Activation on your Blackberry. Go to BlackBerry App World and do a search for "Enterprise Activation," then download and install the app before proceeding.


Configure your BlackBerry for Office 365


Warning: The following screen captures may not accurately reflect your device due to variations in modifications made to the operating system by your service provider (for example: Telus, Bell, Rogers). If you need assistance finding Enterprise Activation settings on your device, please consult your provider.


  1. On your BlackBerry, go to Options:
  2. BlackBerry Options
  3. Then select Device:
  4. screenshot
  5. Then select Advanced System Settings:
  6. advanced
  7. Then Enterprise Activation: If you do not see Enterprise Activation, you will need to download the Enterprise App from BlackBerry App World.
  8. Enterprise
  9. Select Activate:
  10. Activate
  11. Put in your full email address and the activation password you were sent upon confirmation of account creation. Click Activate.
  12. Register
  13. You will now see Activating:
  14. registeringBB.png
  15. Once complete, you will see the following message:
  16. registeredbb.png
  17. And then be asked to restart.
  18. Reboot
  19. Once completed and restarted, you will see the following:
  20. finished
  21. Your mail is now in the Messages folder, which will contain most communications on the BlackBerry. There is also an icon that looks identical but is named Desktop. That will contain only your email.


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BIS Configuration Option for Office 365


Before migration, anyone using a BlackBerry devices accessed Queen's email using the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). Please follow these instructions to reconfigure your BlackBerry for BIS service.


  1. Using your BlackBerry's web browser, go to screenshot
  2. If your provider supports it, the following screen will appear.
    • Click on Launch Email Setup
  3. If no accounts are currently configured, the New Account screen will appear. See further down (step 8) if you have existing accounts.
    • Enter your email address as, substituting "netid" with your personal NetID.
    • Enter an incorrect password
    • Click Next.
    • This will force the setup into Manual Mode, allowing you to select the correct username and server.
  4. The BlackBerry will now attempt to auto-complete the setup and will fail.
    • This will allow you to click on provide additional settings.
  5. Select IMAP/POP for the account type
    • Click Next
  6. Now enter the correct password
    • In the Email server field, enter
    • Enter your username as your full email address of, substituting "netid" with your personal NetID.
    • Click Next
  7. The Success! screen will now appear
    • Click Finish
    • Or you can Add Another Account if you wish to add a Gmail or other Internet Email Account.
  8. When Finished your account will be listed.
    • If you have an existing account when clicking on Launch Email Setup from above, we suggest deleting the account and following all the steps above.
    • Accessing the Advanced Settings fails to allow the full email address as your username on many devices. Following all the steps for BIS activation from above will avoid this problem.


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