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Creating a Web Destination


What is a Web Destination?


Web Destinations are simply playlists. The purpose of these playlists is to make displaying media content easier and more efficient in external sources, such as Moodle. If you display (embed) a Web Destination (playlist) in an external source, when you upload a video and choose to publish it to that specific Web Destination, the external source is automatically updated to display this video, along with any other videos that have been published to that Web Destination. This saves you from having to individually embed each uploaded video.


An example of a good use of this feature is if an instructor creates different Web Destinations for each course they teach, then embeds each Web Destination in its corresponding Moodle course. When a video is published to any of these Web Destinations, the playlist in Moodle will be updated to contain that video.


Before uploading a video, you should create a Web Destination so that you can add your video to it during the upload process. This saves you from having to add it to a Web Destination at a later date.


If you have already created a Web Destination, or if you do not want to use the Web Destination feature, simply continue to the Uploading a Video tutorial.


Creating a Web Destination


  1. From the main interface, click the Web Publishing tab
  2. Click on Web Publishing tab
  3. Click Add a New Destination
  4. add web destination
  5. Enter a name for your Web Destination (e.g. the name of a course)
    • You can add a logo for your Web Destination, though this is not necessary. Your logo must be hosted online, and you must link directly to the URL of the image.
  6. Click Save.
    • enter name of the destination

    You now have the ability to publish to this Web Destination when uploading new videos!


    Continue to the Uploading a Video Tutorial.

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