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Copy or Transfer Your Content to Other Accounts (Libraries)


NOTE: If you would like to copy or transfer your content to someone else's streaming library, that person must first complete the Allow Others to Share Content With You tutorial.


Copying Content to Another Library


There is a known issue in the Streaming Service where copying a file to another account does not work. The software vendor is aware of this and we hope this issue will be resolved in the next release of the product.



Transfer Content to Another Library


The Transfer button is a bit misleading. You cannot transfer a video that already exists in your library; you must upload the video in a manner similar to a normal video upload. "Transferring" content is actually uploading a video to another person's media library and does not upload the video to your library. 


  1. In the Media Library tab, click the Transfer button.
  2. transfer button
  3. Click the dropdown box and choose the library to which you are copying content.
  4. dropdown box
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. Upload your video as usual, or follow the Uploading Content tutorial if you need a refresher.

The video you copied will now appear in the  Media Library  tab of the other person.

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