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Allowing Others to Share Content With You


When you grant sharing permissions to other users, they can share videos with your library. This is referred to as “adding a share”. When you do this, a checkbox for your library will appear in their Web Publishing menu, allowing them to publish to your  Shared Library tab.


  1. After logging into your account, click the Administration tab (a), then click "Sharing" (b).
  2. navigating to sharing administration
  3. Click the Add a New Share button.
  4. Add a New Share button
  5. Ensure the "Organization" dropdown box is set to Queen's University (a), then select the people who will share videos with you (b). Click Add to My Shares (c).
  6. choose libraries
  7. Select the desired permissions for the people sharing with you.
    • "Copy" allows that person to copy videos from their library to your shared library.
    • "Transfer" allows that person to upload videos directly to your shared library.
    • If you do not grant any permissions, that person will be able to use Direct Publishing (explained in another tutorial), but not copy or transfer content to your shared library.
  8. NOTE: Videos that are copied or transferred to your library count toward your quota.

    permission boxes

You're Finished!


You have successfully added a share! If someone will be sharing content with you, they will follow the  Copy or Transfer Your Content to Other Accounts tutorial. They should follow the Publish to Others' Web Destinations if they are going to publish videos to your Web Destination.

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