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Adding Captions to an Existing Video


This tutorial shows you how to upload a caption file; it is not a tutorial on how to create a caption file. You can either Create a Caption File, or have ITServices create your captions. Please visit our Video Caption Service page if you would like to have your videos captioned by ITServices.



  1. Navigate to your Media Library and locate the video you want to caption.
    • Click Edit beside the video.
  2. Click Manage Content on the side menu.
  3. two.png
  4. Click the Type dropdown and select Captions.
  5. three.png
  6. Click Browse button and locate the caption file on your computer.
    • Click the Upload button that appears.
  7. Click Save & Continue button.
  8. six.png
  9. Click the Continue button.
  10. seven.png
  11. Click the Finish button.  Your video will now have captions included that can be enabled or disabled while playing!
  12. eight.png

NOTE: In your media library, videos with captions will have a CC icon in the bottom right of the thumbnail. You don't have to worry about remembering which videos have been captioned.

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