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Description:  QFTP is a secure FTP program used by ITServices staff to transfer files to the IBM MVS system. QFTP® is a unique tool that simplifies the transfer of files to and from host computers using the Internet's file transfer protocol (FTP). Using a graphical interface that is built upon Microsoft's Windows Explorer standard, QFTP users can quickly, easily and accurately transfer files using simple drag-and-drop or cut-and-paste techniques.
Company:  Jolly Giant Software Inc
IT Services Supported Platform:   Windows XP SP2 or Vista

Requirements & Availability:

This software has been purchased for the use of ITServices staff.

To use this software :
the user should contact Team Ida (by submitting a trouble report or by e-mailing ida at, replace the at with @) or the ITServices General Office by email (at or by telephone (at 613.533.6741 requesting access to download it from Ida.

:  download from Ida.

: not available for Mac

Support Level: Installation/Referral

Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 613.533.2000