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Queen's University

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HR Data Warehouse

Description:  The HR Data Warehouse contains human resources information. Access to the data is via BI Query.
Company:  Open Text, Queen's University
IT Services Supported Platform:  Windows XP and Vista.  BI Query 10.1.2 is supported by the vendor under Windows 7. ITServices provides "best effort" support of Windows 7.

Requirements & Availability:

This software is available to:  registered staff and faculty users authorized by Libby White (36741) or Marg Hogan (33286).

To use this software :
Contact the HR data warehouse administrator - Don Cowin at 77793


Windows: The HR Data Warehouse and BI Query User are available through Ida.


Mac: BI Query will not run on a Mac. Mac users may be able to access BI Query through a terminal service.


Support Level: Installation/Referral

Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 613.533.2000