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Bi Query FAQs

ITServices has gathered a listing of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not found on the list, please fill out the Online Support Form or call us at 613 533 6666.

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  • Q. How do I get access to data warehouses in BI Query?

    BI Query (formery GQL) data warehouses are restricted to staff and faculty.

    To obtain access to the BI Query data warehouses, follow these directions:

    1. Fill out the request form or contact the BI Query data warehouse administrators to be authorized for BI Query.
    2. Once authorized, the BI Query data warehouses can be installed from Ida. Open the Ida program, then open the Task Manager.
    3. If you don't see the data warehouses listed, select Check Server off the File menu. If you don't already have it installed, Ida will recomend installs of the BI Query software and the Oracle database client as these are both needed for the data warehouses.  Make sure you select the BI Query software and agree to the license agreement to get it checked off in the Task Manager and click Submit.  Your NetID and password is required to install these programs.
    4. Ida will automatically install the warehouses and the prerequisite software (BI Query and the Oracle database client).
  • Q. How do I log into BI Query?

    BI Query data warehouses are restricted to staff and faculty.

    User must be authorized to log into this program. Refer to the email sent by the data warehouse administrators for instructions on logging into the system.

  • Q. Why do I get a connection failure when I try to login?

    There are a few things that can cause a connection failure.

    • The account and/or password is incorrect.  Note that this isn't always the same as your netid account or password.  Check with the data warehouse manager - see next answer.
    • The IP address assigned to your PC is not in the accepted range for accessing BI Query.  Call the support centre and get them to check your IP address against the list.  Note that users of the Degree data warehouse also need to report their IP address to  Chyrle Campsall at 74049
    • The Oracle database client (not the same as Oracle Calendar software - Ida calls the database client Oracle) is not installed or its configuration has gotten mangled.  You can try getting Ida to uninstall it and re-install it or call the support centre for assistance.
    • The BIQuery software will run on 64 bit PCs but as it is 32 bit software it requires the 32 bit version of the Oracle database client (Oracle 10g).  For a while Ida offered the 64 bit version to 64 bit systems - it now offers the 32 bit version.  If you suspect you may have a 64 bit version installed, but Ida to uninstall it (right-click in the application manager and select uninstall) and reinstall
  • Q. How do I retrieve a lost password?

    The BI Query password is dependent on which data warehouse that is being accessed.

    Contact the following people for the different data warehouses passwords:

  • Q. I have a new PC. Why won't Ida let me download the software, I had it on my old one?

    You have been allocated 1 license for the software. Once you have downloaded to a PC you can not download it again until your download access is reset. Contact the ITServices General Office by email (at or by telephone (at 613.533.6741) letting them know you have a new PC and need your license for BI Query and the data warehouses reset (be sure to include the list of data warehouses and whether you need BI Query Update or just BI Query User).

  • Q. Can I install BI Query and use it on my home PC?

    Access to the applications is restricted to PCs on the Queen's network - so even if you install the software you won't be able to login. There is a remote access service - see Managed Services for Windows Remote Access for details.

  • Q. How do I set set my model to Export data to Excel?

    To set your model to Export data to Excel, go into Tools > Preferences. Click on Export Options. Select Excel for the Application. Click on the ... browse button to find excel.exe. Typically it will be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office[]\excel.exe, where [] may be 11, 12 etc. The Service name should be set to Excel. For commands, DDE should be selected and the edit box set to [Paste()]. Click on OK, then go to the File menu and choose Save to update the model with this customization.

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