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Upload Files to QShare


The following instructions show how to upload files to your www directory to host a web page.


For information on creating html files see the tutorial Create a Webpage on QShare

  1. Log in to QShare 
    • Navigate to the folder you want to upload your files into
    • Click the Upload button
  2. The Upload File in: screen will open 
    • You can choose to use between:
      • Basic Upload.  This allows you to upload a single file or multiple files one at a time. 
      • Advanced Upload.  This allows you to upload folders and their contents at one time
    • Click the Advanced Upload link


    • wwwtwo.png
    • The Advnaced Upload screen will open 
      • You can drag and drop folders and their contents from your computer's hard drive or
      • you can click the Browse button and navigate to the folder that contains your files.
    • The Upload screen will be updated with the folders and files you selected to upload 
      • Click the Submit button
      • Your files will be upload to QShare
    • The QShare screen will re-open 
      • The folders and files you uploaded will be shown in the Document Manager Grid
      • Click the Manage button to review your permissions
    • The Manage screen will open
      • Select Permissions
      • ensure that the folder and its contents is being shared with the appropriate users.
      • For a web page you want to give the Public Viewer (Read-Only) permissions.
      • Others users could be give Full Access (Read, Write, Delete, Administer) permissions to allow them to update the web page.
      • If you make changes to the permissions click the Apply button
      • Click the Exit button
    • Open the Manage =>  Summary  screen for index.html 
      • The Full URL: shows the path to the index.html file
      • This is the information that you will send to others or publish to allow others to see your web page.

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