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Queen's University

Sharing Wizard


So you have created your QShare account, you have created some folders and uploaded files and you have given permission to view the folders/files to users and groups.  Now what?  How are people going to know you are sharing your files with them and where those folder and files are located?


They can try Searching for them.  The search feature in QShare will search all of QShare looking for file names or parts of file names, or specific words within the files.  So it is possible that others will find your files that way.


The easiest way is to let people know you are sharing files with them is to send them an email containing a link to the folder or file.  You can go to the Manage => Summary screen and copy the Full URL or the Intellilink URL into an email or some other type of message. Or you can use the Sharing Wizard.  The Sharing Wizard will step you through Choosing Users to share with, Verifying Permissions they will have, and Sending Email.


Use the Sharing Wizard


  1. Right mouse click on the folder or file you want to share 
    • From the Flyout menu select Share
  2. The Choose Users screen will open
    • If you want to share your file with someone who does not have a Queen's NetID you can enter their email address in the box.
    • A ticket giving them access to the folder or file will be created.
    • Note:  there is no way for QShare to verify that the email address is correct.
    • Click the Search for Users button to add users who do have a Queen's NetID
  3. The Find User screen will open
    • Click the down arrow to open the advanced search.
    • From the where: drop down menu select NetID.  This gives the best results.
    • Enter the NetID in the Search box
    • Click the Find button
  4. The results will be shown in the bottom part of the screen.
    • If given multiple NetIDs to choose from, select the correct NetID
    • Click the OK button
    • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all your users are added to the list
    • Click the Next button (do not press the return key).
  5. The Verify Permissions screen will open
    • The users you added are now in the list with the permissions they had previously been assigned.  Change these permissions if necessary.
    • Note that the user who is not from Queen's (the email address) has had a ticket created for them.
    • Click the down arrow beside Ticket Options.  Here you can create a password (to be sent by a separate email) and change the Ticket Lifetime if necessary
    • Change the permissions if required
    • Click the Next button
  6. The Send Email screen will open
    • If you are using your own email client an email message screen on your desktop will open
    • If you are using QShare's built in email the Send Email screen will open.
    • The To: field is populated with the email address for the NetIDs, Groups, and the non-Queen's email address
    • If you would like to remove any of these address click the X beside their name
    • Your email message contains a link to your folder or file and a link to Subscribe to and/or Bookmark the folder or file.
    • If you would like to receive a copy of the email check the box beside Also send the email to me 
    • Click the Finish button 
  7. Your email will be sent.   
    • Each user will be sent an email similar to the image below.
    • Note: there is a link to view the folder and a link to Subscribe to and/or Bookmark the folder
  8. The Non Queen's user will receive an email similar to the following 
    • The email contains a ticket to the folder or file.

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