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Mapping a Network Drive in Windows 7


This tutorial is intended to provide users another method to connect to QShare.  Collaboration Tools, including Versioning, Logging and Subscriptions may not be reliable when QShare is accessed via a mapped drive.  If these are important to you, please use the web interface or speak to your department QShare Administrator to obtain Xythos Drive, which is available to group account members.


When you map to a network drive, such as QShare, it makes the networked drive readable and writeable from your computer.   Once mapped you will have the functionality to create, change and move documents  as if they were stored in a local directory on your personal computer.


You will be able to open, edit, and save files to your QShare account, just like it was another hard drive in your computer. You can also drag and drop files, or cut and paste them, directly into your mapped Folder.




  1. Open Windows Explorer
    • Click the folder icon on the taskbar
  2. The Windows Explorer screen will open
    • Right mouse click on Network
    • From the flyout menu select Map network drive...
  3. The Map Network Drive screen will open
    • From the Drive: drop down menu select a drive letter to associate the network drive with.   Note:  do no choose a drive letter that could be ursurped by a flash drive or other temporary device
    • In the Folder: field enter the path to the drive you want to network.  For a personal QShare account it will be   where netid is your personal NetID.  Note:  it is case sensitive. 
    • If you would like to reconnect to this drive every time you turn your computer on check the box besie Reconnect at Logon
    • Click the Finish button
  4. The Attempting to connect to screen will open 
    • This dialogue box lets you know that a connection is being made
  5. The Connect to screen will open
    • Your NetID will be displayed. 
    • Enter your password
    • If you want your password to be remembered check the box beside Remember my credentials
    • Click the OK button 
  6. The Windows Explorer screen will re-open
    • The left navigation menu now has an entry for your QShare account
    • When selected your QShare account's folders will be displayed.
    • You can open the folders and files, create new folders, and save new or edited files to your QShare account. 
  7. You can Map your Department's QShare account as well
    • In the Drive: field select a drive letter for your Department's QShare account
    • in the Folder: field enter the path for your department.  It will be
    • Choose whether you want to reconnect to the Department's QShare account when you start your computer
    • Click the Finish button.
  8. The Windows Explorer screen will re-open
    • The left navigation menu now has an entry for your Department's QShare account
    • What you see, and what you are able to do on the Department's QShare account is determined by the permissions you have on the department's QShare account 
  9. Your networked drives will automatically be disconnected when you shut down your computer or you can choose to disconnect them manually
    • From the Windows Explorer screen right mouse clickthe drive you wish to disconnect
    • select Disconnect from the flyout menu

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