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Using Human Resources Department Codes in QShare


With the implementation of PeopleSoft, Human Resource (HR) department codes have changed. With the new HR department codes, there is not always a single entry for an entire department. Instead, many departments are broken down into managerial units. The new department codes are maintained by Human Resources, so as members of the unit come or leave, the group is automatically updated. Additionally, many departmental units will have Contingent Worker groups. These groups are for temporary employees, like contractors or students. When their contracts expire, they are automatically removed from the group by Human Resources.


These new groups can be used to make it easier for QShare Administrators to manage access to their departmental QShare space. Previously, QShare Administrators would create personal groups and give them access to whatever folders they required in a department's QShare space.  Unfortunately, these personal groups belonged to the person who created them; if they were on holidays or moved to a different department, no one else had access to the group.  Personal groups also had to be managed manually in terms of adding new members and removing members who had moved on.


When configuring permissions for a department's QShare space, you may wish to give all the members of the department Read access at the top level. This allows everyone in the department to view the space. As folders are created within the space, unit groups that do not require access can be removed, and the remaining groups can be given greater permissions if desired.  


The Trash folder in particular should not be accessible to anyone other than the owner and Group Administrators of the QShare space. This is because it may contain personal or confidential files that have been deleted from folders within the QShare space.  



Locate Your Department in the Queen's University Employee Directory Tree


  1. Open your web browser and go to
    • You will be prompted to log into QShare using your NetID and password.
    • All the departments at Queen’s will be displayed in a tree structure.  Move down the list until you find your department. 
    • There may be multiple entries for each of the units within your department.
    • Below is a partial sample of the ITServices listing.   
    • Each unit within the department has its own code. number one in a red circle
    • There may be two kinds of entries for each unit:  one for full-time employees, and one for Contingent Workers (for example, students who work for the department during the summer).  If there are currently no Contingent Workers, the group will not be available for selection. number 2 in a red circle
  2. Write down all the codes that belong to your department.
  3. Click on the department code to view the members of the group. Not all groups will have members. For example, the Contingent Workers group may be empty.
    • snippet of new department tree containing ITServices department codes

    Add Your Department's Groups to Your QShare Group Space


    1. Log into QShare using your NetID and password
      • Navigate to your group's space.
      • Click the Manage icon located at the end of the path
      • screenshot of QShare screen with Manage icon highlighted
    2. The Manage screen for the folder will open 
      • From the left navigation menu, select Permissions
      screenshot of QShare with Permissions link highlighted
    3. The Permissions screen for the selected folder will be displayed
      • Click the Add User/Group button
    4. screenshot of QShare permissions screen with Add User/Group link highlighted
    5. The Add Users and Groups to your Permissions screen will open
      • Click the Search for Users button
      screenshot of QShare permissions screen with Search for Users link highlighted
    6. The Find Users screen will open
      • Enter the HR Department Code
      • Click the Find button
      • Your search results will be displayed in the box. 
      • If more than one HR department code is displayed, select the correct one by left mouse clicking it
      • If you want to select both of the codes, select the first one by left mouse clicking on it, then hold the Control key and select the next code. 
      • Click the OK button
      screenshot of QShare Find User screen
    7. The Add Users and Groups to your Permissions screen will re-open 
      • Your group will now be displayed in the text area.
      • To add more groups, click the Search for Users button and repeat the search
      • When all your groups are added click the Next button
      screenshot of QShare permissions screen populated with groups
    8. The Grant Permissions screen will open 
      • All your groups have been given Viewer (Read Only) permissions. This will allow everyone in your department to view the departmental QShare space.
      • Select the Radio button beside Apply the changed permissions to this folder as well as its sub-folders and files.
      • Click the Finish button
      screenshot of QShare Grant Permissions screen
    9. The Permissions for ... screen will open 
      • Everyone in the HR department code groups that you selected now have access to the department's QShare space.
      • Change the permissions on a folder-by-folder basis: grant more permissions (Read, Write, Delete) to those who need them, and remove permissions for those who do not need access to the different folders.
      • Click on the folder name in the folder path to close the Permissions for screen
      screenshot of QShare Permissions For screen

    Remove All the Groups from the Trash


    In a QShare space that is shared by everyone in the group, it is important to ensure that only the QShare space owner and Group Administrators have access to the Trash. That way, any confidential or private information that has been stored within QShare will not be accessible to everyone who has access to the QShare space. For step-by-step instructions, see the tutorial on Removing Groups From the Trash.

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