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Queen's University

Disk Usage Policy at Queen's University


Last Updated: March 2, 2006

A) Introduction

Disk space on ITServices systems is a shared resource that is limited in quantity. Like all shared and finite resources, limitations must be placed on usage to ensure that everyone who needs disk space has access to a reasonable amount.

This policy describes the allocation and control of disk space on ITServices maintained systems for faculty, staff and students at Queen's University. The disk quota system is explained for home directories and mailboxes with the initial distribution of disk space outlined under Current Limits at the end of this document.

B) Home Directories

The allocation of disk space in home directories is controlled by disk quotas. On QLink, disk quotas are fixed: all student accounts have the same disk quota.

On faculty/staff or research machines (such as Post and Jeff-lab), there is a bit more flexibility. On these machines reasonable amounts of space are allocated based on need:

  • For course accounts, teaching accounts, or research accounts, an instructor, owner, or supervisor (if the instructor or owner is a student) can request a particular disk allocation.

Requests should be directed to the ITServices front desk

Note, though, that disk quotas exist for a few reasons:

  • to ensure equitable access, and
  • to promote regular account maintenance.

As such, it is expected that requests for increased disk allocation come after basic account maintenance: deletion of files in trashcans and wastebaskets, removal of obsolete data, archival of no longer used files, and so forth. On all ITServices systems, this can be done through the use of the pilot program (also available through the menu as filemgr).

C) Current Limits

The current (default) limits for home directories and mailboxes on ITServices controlled machines are given in the following table. These are current as of Jun/2005.

    QLink home directory: 30 MB
    Post home directory: 100 M

D) ITServices Expectations

This document describes the equitable distribution of disk space on all ITServices maintained systems for faculty, staff and students. To ensure that everyone has access to a reasonable amount of disk space to perform their required tasks, ITServices expects all faculty, staff and students to engage in routine housekeeping activities to work within the specified limits defined for your home directory.

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