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Queen's University

Policy for Class Lists at Queen's University

Your Class Mailing List and your Moodle course will include student names and their e-mail addresses. Therefore, we ask that you take a few minutes to read the following Policy for all Class Mailing Lists and Moodle courses created by ITServices.

When students register for their classes, they have the option of indicating if they want their name and e-mail address to remain :PRIVATE: and thereby omitted from the public directory services at Queen's. Because student names and e-mail addresses are available from Class Mailing Lists and from Moodle class lists, please be aware that key identifying information, such as student names and e-mail addresses, have been used in incidents of harassment, misrepresentation, and even stalking, and this has jeopardized both personal safety and confidentiality.

Privacy of Information Policy:
All electronic Class Mailing Lists and Moodle class lists must be treated with the same confidentiality and concern for privacy that is extended to all sensitive material gathered from the Queen's University Student Record System. Please observe the following guidelines for handling student information:
  • Student information from a class mailing list or from a Moodle class list should not be printed and then physically posted on a public board.
  • Student information from a Class Mailing List or from a Moodle class list should not be distributed, physically or electronically, to the class without providing a discretionary method for students to request that their entry be omitted.
  • In cases where students are required to submit e-mail to their Class Mailing List, making public their name and email address, provide the option of e-mailing their assignment directly to you. If deemed important for the exercise, forward the material to the Class Mailing List from your address; delete the student's identifying information.
  • The distribution of student information from a Class Mailing List and from a Moodle class list to other persons is prohibited.

Please contact the Office of the University Registrar if you have any questions or require additional information regarding the use of student electronic information.

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