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TSM for Mac: Setting Preferences

This tutorial is based on TSM version 5.5 for the Macintosh computer. Before a backup can occur you will need to:

Use these instructions to configuring your TSM Client Preferences for a scheduled backup.

  1. Start TSM
    • From the Edit menu select Client Preferences

    • Preferences Menu in the Tivoli Storage Manager
  2. The Preferences Editor screen will open. Click the General tab.
    • Click the General tab.
    • In the Node Name field enter your TSM Node Name. This information will have been given to you by the ITServices TSM Administrator. Note: This may be the same as your NetID, but not necessarily.
    • Log File Name is the location on your computer where the error logs are stored. If you have a problem with TSM, this error log could provide information. To view the log, use the Console application located in the Applications/Utilities folder on all Macintosh computers.
    • Prune old entries will prevent your log file from growning unmanageable and consuming disk space. 14 days of old messages should be enough to troubleshoot problems.
    • From the menu select Backup

    • mac-step-2.png
  3. The Backup Preferences screen will open 
    • In the Domain for Backup area check the box Back up all local file systems. This setting will exclude network drives, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, etc.
    • The Domain List shows the drives currently connected to your computer. The greyed out drives are your local drives and they should already be checked off for you.
    • From the menu select Include-Exclude  

      Backup Preferences for the Tivoli Storage Manager
  4. The Include-Exclude Preferences screen will open 
    • The Statement List shows an example of files that do not need to be backed up.
    • From the menu select Scheduler

      Include-Exclude Settings in the Tivoli Storage Manager
  5. The Scheduler Preferences screen will open 
    • The Schedule Log contains a history of events that occurred during the backup. For example, if you cancelled the backup, that will be recorded in the log file.
    • The log also contains information about when the next backup is scheduled.
    • the menu select Communication

    • Scheduler Preferences in the Tivoli Storage Manager
  6. The Communication Preferences screen will open 
    • Confirm that the server address is TSM-DUPUIS.AD.QUEENSU.CA - anything else will cause the backup to fail.
    • From the menu select  Authorization

    • mac-step-6.png
  7. The Authorization Preferences screen will open 
    • If the radio button beside Password Prompt is selected, click the Password Generateradio button
    • The Authorization Preferences screen will change to the Password Generatescreen

    • Authorization Preferences for the Tivoli Storage Manager
  8. The Authorization Preferences screen will change to the Password Generate screen
    • the recommended location for the password is /Library/Preferences/Tivoli Storage Manager
    • Check the radio button beside Save encryption key password locally
    • Check the radio button to select the encryption type of 128 bit AES
    • From the menu select Web Client

      Authorization Preferences for the Tivoli Storage Manager
  9. The Web Client Preferences screen will open 
    • Under the Managed Services Options section Uncheckthe box beside Web Client
    • Checkthe box beside Schedule
    • In the Privileges section Checkthe box to Revoke remote access privilege.

    • Web Client Preferences for the Tivoli Storage Manager 
  10. To save all of  these changes click the OKbutton

      Ok Button to Accept All Changes

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