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Delay Delivery of an Email Message Outlook 2013

This guide explains how to delay the delivery of a message you create in Outlook 2013


Sometimes you create a message, but do not want to send the message until later.  Outlook 2013 provides a Delay Delivery feature.


Delaying your message delivery


  1. Start composing a new email message
    • Don't press send
    • Click the Options tab
    • In the More Options group, click Delay Delivery.

    • Click delay delivery on the ribbon
  2. The Properties window will appear, with an option checked for Delay Delivery:
    • Beside Do not deliver before:(checked by default), select the date and time you want the message to be delivered.
    • When finished, click Close
    go under delivery and input the date and time.
  3. Return to the email message and click send as usual 
    • The message will be filed in your Outbox until the appropriate time comes to send it.

Undo an Already Delayed Message

After delaying a message, you may decide that you actually want to send the message immediately. This can be done.


  1. Click Outboxon the left and locate the message

  2. select outbox on the navigation pane
  3. Double-click the message to open it
  4. Locate Delay Delivery in Options as you did earlier
    • Uncheck the Do not deliver before box
    • Click OK
    • Click Send to send the message immediately

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