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Queen's University

Share a Shared Mailbox with another person


Only the IT Admin Rep can give permissions to a shared mailbox to another person. To give another person permission to access a shared mailbox you must log into OWA (Outlook Web App).


Note:  Any changes to membership or owners takes at least 2 hours and could be overnight.


  1. Log into OWA 
    • From the Option menu select See All Options...
  2. The Options menu will open
    • From the left navigation menu select Groups
    • From the Public Groups I Own select the name of the shared mailbox group you want to work with
  3. The shared mailbox options will open 
    • Open the Membership group
    • Click the Add button
  4. The GAL will open
    • In the search box enter the surname of the person you want to add
    • Click the Search button
  5. The list of names that meet your search requirements will open
    • Select the name of the person you want to add
    • The name will appear at the bottom in the Add box
    • Click the OK button
  6. The Options screen will re-open
    • The person you added now has permission to access the mailbox.
    • You will need to send them the email address of the shared mailbox.  The password is not required because they will access the Shared Mailbox through their own email account.


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