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Contact Group


At Queen's there are several options available for mailing lists.




Create a  Contact Group when you are sending email to a group of people or you need to schedule a meeting with the same group of people


When you send email to a Contact Group, the To: field on received messages shows the individual email addresses of all members of the list. If you want to hide the membership of the list, use the Bcc: field instead of the TO: field when sending email to the group.  If Bcc is not currently visible when you are sending email, from the top menu click the  ... and select Show Bcc.


Note that  Contact Groups that you create in Office 365 will also be available to use in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.


  1. Log into Office 365
    • Click the People tab
  2. The People tab will open
    • Click the new button
    screen shot illustrating this step
  3. The What would you like to do? screen will open
    • Click create group
    screen shot illustrating this step
  4. The Group screen will open
    • Enter a name for your group
    • In the Members field start typing the name of the person you want to add to the group
    • You can search for them in your Contacts or the Global Address List (GAL) by clicking the Search Contacts & Directory
    screen shot illustrating this step
  5. When their contact information is found double click to add them to the group
    • If the person you are adding is not in your Contacts or the GAL you can type their email address in the Members field
    • When all your members have been added click the Save button
    screen shot illustrating this step
  6. Your Group is now ready to use
    • Click the email icon to send email to the group
    • Click the schedule icon to schedule a meeting for the group
    screen shot illustrating this step

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