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Subscribing to your Class Schedule in your Exchange Calendar


If you are grad student using Office 365, please go to the Office 365 tutorial.


By subscribing to the class schedule feed,  your data will be visible as read only; and if you add or drop a class it is reflected in this calendar.  Client software that support Exchange accounts will have access to this calendar as a secondary calendar.  Note: If you have used IMAP email setup, you will not have access to the calendar on that computer or device. 

Note:  if you use client software (Outlook, iOS Device, etc), the changes you make to your calendars in Outlook Web App will be migrated to your client as well.


How to set up your Exchange account in your email client:


  1. Log into the Resources tab of MyQueensU
  2. Copy/Paste the URL for your personalized feed (in the form:[X]/[netid]-[Y].ics  where [netid] is your netid the values [X] and [Y] are random characters that are specific to each individual).
  3. Log into the  Outlook Web App. If you are unable to login, try the instructions for Office 365 users.
    • Select Calendar
  4. The Calendar view will open
    • Select Share
    • From the drop down menu select Add Calendar...
  5. The Add Calendar screen will open 
    • Select Calendar from the Internet
    • Paste the URL for your class schedule into the URL field
    • Click the OK button
  6. Your class schedule will be displayed beside your current calendar
    • Rename your calendar by right mouse clicking on the calendar name and entering a more friendly name
    • Note: If your class schedule is not immediately visible make sure that the check box beside the calendar name is checked
  7. All devices/computers configured for Exchange will shortly synchronize.  Your class schedule  will display as a secondary calendar. Free/Busy time will continue to be reported only in your primary calendar. 

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