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Queen's University


Microsoft is best known for its operating system Windows, and its office suite. Queen's has multiple agreements with Microsoft to obtain student, staff, and faculty versions of its software.

Queen's has two agreements currently in place with Microsoft. The first agreement is referred to as the 'Select' agreement; the second is referred to as the 'Campus' agreement.


This agreement allows Queen's to purchase nearly every product Microsoft sells. Every month, Microsoft sends new and updated copies of their products in CD format to the store. This allows Queen's quick access to the products. Many Microsoft products require product keys to install and work. Microsoft provides a product key for every product that requires one. The product keys are specific to Queen's and the same keys are used for the entire campus (with the exception of departments with a Campus agreement).

Under this agreement, Queen's must purchase one license for every computer it owns that has the Microsoft product installed on it. For example, if a department owns 10 computers that have Office 2003 installed on them, the department must make sure that it has purchased 10 licenses of Office 2003 from Microsoft. If one of the computers stops working, and is replaced with a new one, one is allowed to apply the license from the old machine to the new one (provided that reasonable steps have been taken to remove Office from the old machine).


The Campus agreement is only applicable to specific departments that have signed on to the agreement. A department that has signed on to the Campus agreement pays an annual fee to Microsoft for every product the department wishes to use. The amount of the annual fee is based on the number of people employed at the department. This annual fee entitles the department to free upgrades to the latest versions of products. Like the Select agreement, Microsoft provides product keys specific to each department, and these are to be used on every computer the department owns.

Because this agreement is based on the number of people, rather than the number of computers, the agreement favours a department where the number of computers it owns is greater than the number of people it employs.

An added bonus to this form of agreement is that it provides 'Work-at-Home' rights to all employees of the department. This means that an employee may install any of the products on his or her home computer. If an employee wishes to do this, he or she must purchase a special media, which includes an individual product key, from the store. The reason for this is that the employee's home computer is not owned by the department.

Departments currently enrolled:

  • Information Technology Services
  • Library Systems
  • School of Business
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Faculty of Education
  • Mining Engineering
  • Chemistry


If you are an employee of one of the above departments, you must visit the store, along with your employee card, to purchase your Work-at-Home media.

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