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Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services

The Campus Computer Store is now closed.

Services have now been moved to the following locations:

Centralized site software licensing being reviewed

Centralized site software licensing is currently being reviewed by the Software Licensing Task Group. This group was formed to determine which software should qualify for central purchasing, the savings each option will generate, and what resource allocations are required to manage licensing going forward. The task group will present its recommendations to the CIO in the summer of 2016.

An interim license has been purchased for SAS, SPSS and Maple, that is valid until April 30, 2017.  These software packages are being made available at no charge for staff and faculty. To download this software, please go to the Software Centre in the MyQueen'sU portal. 

MATLAB: If you currently using a MATLAB or toolbox license that was purchased from the Campus Computer Store, then your license has been renewed for another year (expiring June of 2017). This includes all existing MATLAB licenses and toolboxes that are currently being administered by the ITS MATLAB license server.  If you wish to purchase an additional toolbox or MATLAB license, please see the drop down tab at the bottom of this information box for instructions on how to purchase and add this to your current entitlement.

If you did not purchase your MATLAB or toolbox license from the Campus Computer Store, please contact MathWorks (producers of MATLAB) directly or Strategic Procurement Services (SPS).

For all other software, please visit the ITS Supported Software page for information on which software is supported by ITS and how get it.

If the software you are looking for is not included on our pages, please go to Procurements Preferred Suppliers list or contact SPS directly.

Instructions on how to purchase additional MATLAB or toolbox licenses
If you would like to purchase an additional MATLAB or toolbox license and attach it to your ITS license:
  • Send your request to Cory Winter at MathWorks by email.
  • Include the name of the toolbox you want to purchase, ID #158208, and how you will be paying for it (account codes are not accepted; it is best practice to use a P-Card).
  • Cory will tell inform you of any prerequisite and then sell you the license. Cory will send an email to ITS (Brian Coughtrey) to inform him that the license was purchased and how to download it. There will be an attachment that is the license file. ITS will forward the license file to the IOPs team, and send download instructions to the client.