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Queen's University

Common Sign-On (CSO)


Common Sign On (CSO) allows your application to authenticate against a Queen's central LDAP and Active Directory databases. This database can include all active members of the Queen's community or be filtered down to a subset of users. By using a central database, the user is able to use their NetID and password across all applications. It also gives the application administrator an alternative to storing their password in a local database.


More specifically, the CSO service uses LDAP to allow applications written in any modern language to authenticate users and retrieve data specific to that user.

Getting Started

It is best to review the relevant documentation to familiarize yourself with Common Sign-On first.  


You will need to submit a request to the CSO team. This request should be filled out by the project lead and a technical person. It is likely you may not have all the answers to each question; just fill in the information you know. The Single Sign-On team will contact you within the next few business days to arrange a meeting to go over the details. If approved an LDAP user account or Active Directory account will be sent to the submitter.


Costs are based on ITServices' standardized general labour rates. CSO pricing is based on labour estimates plus an additional infrastructure cost. If additional labour is required due to customizations or late changes, then we will simply apply the standard hourly rate for every additional hour.


Please keep in mind ITServices will best be able to provide you with a quote based on time and effort after a consultation.


 A standard CSO setup will require 5 hours labour + a $XXX infrastructure cost. This cost will include:

  • Production account
  • Preview/Test account
  • Optional - authorization
  • Data release approval from data owners (e.g. Human Resources or Office of the University Registrar)


Our additional infrastructure costs help us keep our infrastructure up-to-date and ready to scale to our future business needs.

Please note these are only estimates and will change if specific customizations or late changes are made.

Help & Support


Please note that ITServices does not provide support for specific questions regarding LDAP as a protocol. ITServices will only support bugs or issues that prevent the department from retrieving the relevant data.

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