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Queen's University

Program Options

There are two program sessions available through the Cross-Cultural College initiative:

1. Global Career Seminar (during the Fall and Winter terms)

The Global Career Seminar aims to introduce current business issues, and to provide students with an opportunity to analyze and find solutions for actual problems assigned to them by companies/organizations based in Japan. The seminar will organize students screened and selected from Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) and its three partner universities into groups. The students will then be given specific business problems, offered by company representatives from corporations such as Toyota and Panasonic, which they will be expected to analyze and propose solutions. During the fall semester pre-seminar internet sessions linking KGU and Canadian university students will be conducted for preparation, and on commencement of the seminar at KGU, further lectures, discussion, and preparation for group presentations will take place. The final presentations will be made to the representatives of the companies that proposed the problems.

2. CCC Summer Programs

The summer program is comprised of four options: The Asian Studies Summer School (ASSS) and the Global Career Seminar (which must be taken together), the Joint Seminar, the Global Internship in Japan, and the Global Internship in Japan and Canada.

Cross-Cultural College Certificate

Students who complete the Global Career Seminar and/or one of the Summer CCC Programs will gain at least 3.0 units that may be used towards completion of the Cross-Cultural College Certificate.

Attainment of at least 3.0 units from the core courses in the CCC program is mandatory for completion of the Certificate.  The CCC core courses are as follows: Global Career Seminar, Joint Seminar, and Global Internship in Japan. 

The Cross-Cultural College Certificate program requires a minimum of 15.0 units of additional courses taken at the home university or at one of the CCC partner universities from the following thematic areas: multicultural studies, international relations, Canadian and Asian Studies.    

More about the Certificate

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