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Queen's University

Global Career Seminar

Information for the 2014-15 program is to be confirmed


Student Mobility Program from Canada to Japan in Winter Term 2014

The Global Career Seminar aims to introduce current business issues, and to provide students with an opportunity to analyze and find solutions for actual problems assigned to them by companies/organizations based in Japan.

The seminar will organize students screened and selected from Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) and its three partner universities into groups. The students will then be given specific business problems, offered by company representatives from corporations such as Toyota and Panasonic, which they will be expected to analyze and propose solutions. During the fall semester pre-seminar internet sessions linking KGU and Canadian university students will be conducted for preparation, and on commencement of the seminar at KGU, further lectures, discussion, and preparation for group presentations will take place. The final presentations will be made to the representatives of the companies that proposed the problems.

Program Period

9 November 2013 to 22 February 2014.

Online Pre-Seminar Sessions

10 Pre-Seminar Sessions will be conducted using an on-line learning platform.
PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must attend all the Pre-Seminar Sessions stated in the course syllabus. Attendance at real-time interactive online sessions is mandatory. The sessions will be conducted in the morning Japan time and in the evening of the day prior for all Canadian locations. The course syllabus outlines the session dates and discussion topics for the course.

Joint Sessions in Japan at Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU)

17 February ~ 22 February 2014 conducted at the Nishinomiya Uegahara Campus of KGU (during Reading Week for Canadian students).  Depart for Japan on 14 February and enter accommodation on 15 February.  Depart for Canada on 23 February.

The TENTATIVE course syllabus for the 2013-14 GCS course is posted below for reference. 

2013-14 CCC Global Career Seminar course syllabus DRAFT (38KB)

Course Credit

The Global Career Seminar is a 3 credit course at KGU which is considered equivalent to a 3.0 unit course at Queen's University. The credits will be awarded by KGU and Queen's students can arrange to have the credits transferred to their Queen's degree program by applying for an International Letter of Permission (ILOP) through the International Programs Office (IPO).


KGU will provide the participants with shared accommodation (without meals) at no charge during the program in Japan.


Queen's University students will pay standard tuition fees to Queen's for the course in accordance with fees that are posted on the Office of the University Registrar website for Winter Term 2014 courses. Please visit the fees section of the University Registrar's Office website for details ($195.90 per unit for domestic students). Students may decide to drop one of their 3.0 unit winter term courses in order to count the Global Career Seminar course as one of their winter term courses for the 2013-14 academic year.

Scholarship Funding

¥80,000 JASSO scholarship will be available for participants who have good academic standing.  Eligibility information for the JASSO scholarship is available below for reference.

Qualifications for 2013-14 JASSO Scholarship (140KB)  

Program fees

¥30,000 - this is an estimate; participants will be informed later of the final amount. The program fees will be deducted from the ¥80,000 scholarship, or collected separately upon participants’ arrival at KGU. Students are also responsible for their own travel insurance, meals and train tickets between their hotel and KGU (¥300 for a single ticket).

Flight Arrangements

Students are responsible for their airfare.  The airfare is approximately ¥210,000 for Toronto-Osaka return ticket as of 11 September 2013.  Students participating from Mount Allison University or Queen’s University will also be responsible for their own transportation to Toronto.  Regarding flight arrangements, flight ticket will be arranged by either KGU or by each student.  This will be decided at a later date.

Number of Places

19 Canadian students will participate in the program. The number of places for each university is as follows:

  • 3 from Mount Allison University
  • 6 from Queen’s University
  • 10 from University of Toronto

Conditions for Application

Applicants must have completed two semesters of study at their home university as of 31 January 2014. Applicants must attend all the Pre-Seminar Sessions stated in the course syllabus. Attendance at Real-time interactive online sessions is mandatory. The sessions will be conducted in the morning Japan time, which will therefore be in the evening of the day before that stated in the syllabus. Students must also be in good standing, i.e. not on academic probation.

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