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School of Graduate Studies

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Our graduates and our faculty are leaders in their fields and their footprint can be seen across Canada and around the world. We place a strong emphasis on increasing the profile of graduate studies, expanding graduate programs and supporting graduate students while fostering and enabling success of interdisciplinary graduate programs at Queen’s.

The tremendous range of scholarly options and our breadth in research has made Queen’s the destination of choice of more than 3,500 graduate students who come from more than 52 countries. Investing in our student leaders of tomorrow enable graduate students to come to Queen's and put their ideas to the test, changing their lives and the world.

School of Graduate Studies Goal: $10,000,000

Highlighted Priorities

Student Support: Graduate Leadership & Achievement Awards - $6,000,000

[graduate leadership and achievement awards]

Queen’s graduate students are deeply embedded in our research initiatives across all disciplines and departments, and they provide a critical corps of mentors who are inspiring the next generation. Because discovery isn’t limited by borders, and we have internationalization as part of our curriculum, it is to Queen’s benefit that our graduate students take part in international exchanges and global research whenever possible.

Graduate Leadership and Achievement Awards will provide travel and subsistence support for domestic doctoral students who embark on exchanges, or who engage in multinational research thereby strengthening their research and training and helping Queen’s build international partnerships.

Student Support: International Leadership Awards - $2,000,000

[international leadership awards]

Students from around the world want to come to Queen’s to do their graduate work, and that number is growing as our reputation strengthens internationally. These students bring not only their brilliant work in a multitude of areas, they also bring different cultural perspectives so important to the overall Queen’s experience. International Leadership Awards will help Queen’s attract and retain the best and brightest from around the globe.

Chair in Policy Studies - $5,000,000

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Queen’s strengths in policy studies are long-standing and well-known. Our faculty and alumni have advised governments and policymakers, have trained decision-makers, and have made significant contributions to the discourse about Canada’s role in the world.

A Chair in Policy Studies will sustain and extend leadership and research in the important area of democratic development in ethically and culturally diverse societies.

Chair in School of Urban and Regional Planning - $2,200,000

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Queen’s is a centre for excellence in urban development education, with its focused two-year Master of Planning program. Our faculty is a diverse and distinguished group, and includes cross appointments in Arts and Science and in Business. Supporting a leadership position through an endowed chair will support broader collaboration and opportunities.

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School of Graduate Studies