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[Engineering students by Lake Ontario]

Queen’s Engineering and Applied Science will inspire greatness. We have a bold plan to deliver exceptional opportunities to innovate, problem-solve, and work in teams across disciplines and cultures.  We must invest in our students, our faculty, our programs, our research and our spaces. The potential return on these investments is great.  When bright, young engineers graduate with a rich capacity for innovation, initiative and leadership, businesses thrive, commercialization grows and Canada becomes more globally competitive.

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Goal: $85,000,000

Highlighted Priorities

Inspiring Spaces - $45,000,000
  • Queen's Innovation Commons

  • [Exterior of Commons]
    Artist's rendering of the Queen's Innovation Commons
  • [Commons Study Space]
    Artist's rendering of the Queen's Innovation Commons
  • [Commons Study Space]
    Artist's rendering of the Queen's Innovation Commons
  • [Commons Computers]
    Artist's rendering of the Queen's Innovation Commons
  • [Commons Workspace]
    Artist's rendering of the Queen's Innovation Commons
  • [Commons Lab]
    Artist's rendering of the Queen's Innovation Commons
  • [Exterior of Commons]
    Artist's rendering of the Queen's Innovation Commons

Queen’s Engineering has a vision to provide a distinctive learning experience at the frontiers of engineering innovation. The Queen's Innovation Commons will be a 70,000-square-foot purpose-built research and teaching space. It will become the campus hub for the kind of expertise and collaborative environment that fledgling innovators need and will be the new home of the highly successful Queen’s Innovation Connector program.

The building will house specialized classrooms, offices, equipment, and the creative people who will foster and support learning, collaboration, teamwork, prototyping and other interrelated activities. It will be a space where innovation and creativity will thrive and grow.


Learn more about the Queen's Innovation Commons in the Alumni Review.

Inspiring Programs - $12,000,000
  • Innovation and Global Leadership
  • Aboriginal Access to Engineering

[Engineering students collaborating in an ILC group room]

Engineering students collaborating in an ILC group room

Today’s engineers are working in the realm of business, economics and policy. And today’s business grads are increasingly looking to technological innovation as a launch pad for the knowledge economy’s growth. Queen’s Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Business are collaborating to create the Innovation and Global Leadership Initiative to develop the innovators who will fuel the success of technology-driven companies, provide direct solutions for corporate challenges, and incubation for start-ups.

Canada’s Aboriginal communities are increasingly involved in the management and stewardship of natural resources sectors, including mining, forestry, oil and gas, and water. Yet Aboriginal engineers account for fewer than 1% of the country’s practising professional engineers. Queen’s Engineering is launching the Aboriginal Access to Engineering Program to inspire young Aboriginal men and women to develop an interest in math and science, promote engineering as a post-secondary field of study and help Aboriginal students succeed in undergraduate engineering programs at Queen’s.

Inspiring Teaching and Research - $18,000,000

Queen’s Engineering plans to launch new centres of excellence and attract and retain thought leaders in areas of existing strength and promise.

  • Centre for Mineral Resource Studies
  • Centre for Water, Environment and Health
  • Queen’s Energy Institute
  • Chairs and Professorships

[Dr. Andrew Pollard (centre) engages with graduate students]

Dr. Andrew Pollard (centre) engages with graduate students

Currently our faculty is positioned as an important partner in enhancing Canada’s capacity to sustain our mineral resources industries. We are poised to expand our influence on a global level by establishing the Centre for Mineral Resources which will enhance programs, offer more international activities, and provide more postgraduate student scholarships and bursaries.

Building on the strength of our Department of Civil Engineering and with support from the Royal Bank of Canada for the RBC Queen’s University Water Initiative, the Centre for Water, Environment and Health will focus on all aspects of water management relating to public health, including contaminant monitoring and treatment. More than 15 Queen’s departments will be involved in the initiative, making Queen’s a global leader in water resource research.

Queen’s researchers are leading discoveries that are revolutionizing the energy sector. We are known increasingly around the world for our research into both conventional and emerging sustainable energy technologies, including reducing the environmental impact of oil sands extraction; improving the equipment, automation and tailings management for oil sands facilities; solar and fuel cells; and wind technology. The Queen’s Energy Institute will provide support across all aspects of energy research, driving Queen’s to the forefront of this area of research globally.

Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Fellowships in these centres will provide leadership in trans-disciplinary research and teaching, and provide a clear focus at Queen’s for collaboration across engineering, environmental studies, business and public policy.

Inspiring Student Experiences - $10,000,000
  • Student Support – Teams and Clubs, International Programs, Student Initiatives

[Members of the Queen’s Formula SAE Team]

Members of the Queen’s Formula SAE Team

Queen’s Engineering undergraduates choose us, in part, for the strength of our community. Much of this community engagement is due to the breadth and depth of our student opportunities outside the classroom. Funds to support these initiatives will ensure a wide variety is offered both in Kingston and around the world, and that the quality of the experience and learning is exemplary.

Competitive design teams, outreach programs, conferences, clubs and student-led campus businesses provide invaluable leadership opportunities for our students. Funds will also help establish the Queen’s Engineering Exchange and Internship Fund to provide financial assistance while students pursue international learning opportunities.