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In October 2015, an extraordinary endowed gift of $50 million was donated to the School of Business from alumnus Stephen Smith, Sc’72. The donation is the largest-ever gift to any business school in Canada, and one of the largest in Queen’s history. It came as part of the Initiative Campaign.

In recognition of Mr. Smith’s vision and generosity, the school was given a new name: the Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business.

[Goodes Hall expansion]

Students in Goodes Hall

Smith School of Business has always been at the forefront of Canadian business education — renowned for its exceptional programs, outstanding faculty and research, and the quality of its graduates. That’s not about to change. But how we prepare our graduates and what we prepare them for is shifting in response to student, alumni and market demand.

There is an urgent need for more Canadian leaders who have what it takes to succeed in all business environments. To ensure students achieve their full potential through an exceptional experience inside and outside the classroom, we have identified four areas of focus that will allow us to remain at the forefront of business education and leadership.

Join us and invest in the future of business at Queen's.

Smith School of Business Goal: $65,000,000

Highlighted Priorities

Developing Leaders - $23 Million

To provide our students with unparalleled opportunities and experiences that guide their development into successful leaders.

Student Scholarships and Bursaries: Outstanding students are a cornerstone of our success. However, the battle to attract the best and brightest students has grown more competitive. This is becoming more challenging because of two areas in which we are not as competitive as our peers: bursaries and scholarships. We need to ensure that exceptional students may attend Queen’s Commerce regardless of their ability to pay. For many top students, an offer of financial support is the deciding factor in the selection of a top business school. We also need to attract the best students from around the world to the Queen’s MBA program through competitive scholarships. Regardless of the program, high-quality students raise the bar on discussion and debate, contributing value to the entire school.

Your investment will ensure Smith School of Business continues to diversify, reward academic excellence and address financial need.

Providing Leadership Opportunities: Smith School of Business has always been a leader in creating hands-on learning opportunities for our students. Team-based working and leadership skills are key success factors in the workplace. At Smith, we have numerous opportunities for teams of students to function just as they would in the workplace, drawing on the diverse skills and experiences from all team members. Four initiatives deserve special recognition: the Queen’s University Investment Council, the Queen’s University Alternative Assets Fund, the Centre for Business Venturing and the Centre for Social Impact.

Your investment in this area will enable Smith School of Business to enhance and expand hands-on learning opportunities for our students.

Accelerating Thought Leadership - $15 Million

To attract and retain outstanding, innovative and research-driven faculty who will ensure our students receive an exceptional learning experience.

Named Professorship: Amid a climate of intense global competition for exceptional faculty, named chairs, professorships and fellowships are powerful tools for recruiting and retaining the top global scholars that are so critical to our continued success. The stature and prestige of a named position allows us to retain the very best faculty, which in turn ensures that we continue to attract the very best students.

Your investment will allow Smith School of Business to secure additional named chairs, professorships and faculty fellows.

Broadening Perspectives: Just as student exchanges advance the understanding of the global business environment, learning from faculty with international experience enriches the student experience. While Smith’s diverse faculty bring broad perspectives to the classroom, it is also important to expose students to an array of international visitors and executives-in-residence.

Your investment in this fund will allow us to continue to attract and support visiting professors and executives-in-residence.

[image of student and professor]

Smith Business Insight: Leading-edge research and ideas have made Smith School of Business one of the world’s premier business schools. In May 2013, we launched Smith Business Insight (ssb.ca/insight) to share our faculty’s ideas and research through white papers, articles and webinars with our larger community of stakeholders.

Your investment in this fund will allow us to continue to communicate more faculty research to students, alumni, industry leaders and the general public, and to leverage Smith Business Insight to enhance the School’s reputation in thought leadership.

Transforming Student Learning - $5 Million

To develop innovative curriculum and leading-edge techniques to teach the next generation of global business leaders.

Curriculum Transformation: The traditional way to teach students to apply theory is through case studies. While cases provide actual business examples, they are becoming increasingly dated and irrelevant in a rapidly changing business world. Building upon the School’s two decades of experience with videoconference teaching and learning, we are transforming traditional case studies from "Encyclopedia Britannica to Wikipedia."

Your investment in this fund will accelerate our ability to transform traditional classroom materials into dynamic learning platforms and ensure that we have a strong leadership position in this innovative approach to teaching.

[image of students and professor]

Teaching Enhancement: A hallmark of our success has been the excellence of our teaching. Instructional methods and models are constantly developing, as is the way that students learn — both in and out of the classroom. To remain at the forefront of business education, Smith School of Business needs to lead in the development of diverse, cutting-edge models of teaching.

Your investment in this fund ensures faculty have the resources and mentorship needed to continually develop innovative teaching practices.

Goodes Hall Enhancement - $22 Million

To support our strategic growth with an outstanding facility designed to enhance student learning and interaction among faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.

The original building — Goodes Hall — opened in 2002. Since then, strategic growth such as increasing enrollments and a growing suite of new programs necessitated construction of an additional space. In September 2012, the School officially opened its new 75,000-square-foot expansion.

Goodes Hall is now home to students enrolled in the Commerce and Full-Time MBA programs, as well as the Master of International Business program and the Doctoral Program in Management.

Ensuring our world-class facility continues to be outfitted with the latest in teaching and learning technology enables us to deliver an exceptional experience to our students.

Your investment toward the Goodes Hall Enhancement Fund will ensure that we can continue to upgrade our facilities to further strengthen the student experience.

[photo of newly expanded Goodes Hall]