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[Arts & Science Dean, Dr Gordon E Smith]

It is not difficult to identify what makes a good school. As a rule, the combination of bright students and expert faculty leads to good results. But what makes a great school? At Queen’s it’s the traditions, the rich history and loyalty that every new student can feel and every graduating class takes away. The passion and commitment which our alumni and friends have for Queen’s is unsurpassed. That passion led to the stunning result of $89 million donated to the Faculty of Arts and Science over the course of the Initiative Campaign. To the donors who found their philanthropic purpose in this campaign, we say thank you.

There are the widely celebrated results – the opening of our “crown jewel” the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts; the gratitude of Queen’s parent Aubrey Dan in naming the Dan School of Drama and Music and Nobel prize winning Dr. Art McDonald’s new prize to support physics research. But there is so much more. We are grateful for new chairs in geography and economics; freshwater research and protection funds; student aid; classroom renovations; visiting artist and lecturer funds that enrich an already stimulating learning environment; field trip funds for geology; the addition of lands and a new library for the Queen’s University Biological Station; travel funds for students going abroad; new funds to support our important indigenous studies program; teaching fellowships; studentships; teaching assistant funds; support for award-winning research on obesity in kinesiology; and undesignated gifts to Arts and Science that sustain us and lead to new opportunities.

Not many schools are as fortunate as Queen's. Our school inspires generosity among those who know it best. What we deliver is a great education and memories for life. And our alumni and friends show their appreciation with their support, their volunteerism and their commitment. Thank you for encouraging and inspiring the next generation of Queen’s students, alumni and friends. 


Dr. Gordon E. Smith
Interim Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science