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Dr. Will Kymlicka

Creating inclusive communities

As globalization makes our world smaller, countries are confronted with new issues of inclusion and cultural difference, which demand new ways of envisioning national identity and understanding citizenship. Dr. Will Kymlicka — one of the world's leading experts on minority rights — has spent the last 20 years helping governments around the world build more inclusive societies.

Dr. Kymlicka has served as a consultant for countries such as Estonia, Germany, New Zealand, Spain, and Bolivia. His work is predicated on the belief that ethnic diversity is a central and enduring issue for any free and democratic society. Closer to home, Dr. Kymlicka's work is rooted in his commitment to understanding the Canadian experience with diversity. His ideas and writing on immigration, Aboriginal rights and Quebec serve as a constant reference point for policymakers in Canada.

Currently the Canada Research Chair in Political Philosophy at Queen's and a visiting professor in the Nationalism Studies program at the Central European University in Budapest, Dr. Kymlicka’s research has been translated into 32 languages. His exploration of the theory and practice around issues of diversity and citizenship is safe guarding the rights and opportunities of people around the world.