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Human Mobility Research Centre

[Sima Zakani,<br /><br />
			Dr John Rudan, and Dr Randy Ellis]

Pictured (l-r): Graduate student Sima Zakani,
Dr. John Rudan, and Dr. Randy Ellis

Improving mobility

By bringing together expertise from medicine, engineering, health sciences and computer science, students, researchers, scientists and physicians at the Human Mobility Research Centre (HMRC) collaborate to solve human mobility problems. HMRC is a partnership between Queen’s University and Kingston General Hospital made possible by funding from federal and provincial government, industry and private donations.

One example of the team’s success is the design and commissioning of the world’s first computer-assisted operating suite equipped with an angiography/computed-tomography (A/CT) unit, which uses x-rays to create thin cross-sectional images through bone and soft tissue, then assembles them into three-dimensional representations. HMRC has translated and adapted their computer-assisted technologies for application to a wide range of orthopaedic procedures.

At the leading edge of effective treatment for bone and joint disorders, these advances result in less invasive surgeries, improved surgical outcomes and a reduction in the length of hospital stays. By employing a multidisciplinary approach to prosthesis design, software development, bio-simulation and computer-assisted surgery, HMRC is revolutionizing the treatment options for these disorders and helping people lead healthier, more active lives.