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Queen's will enhance our students' learning experiences

Queen’s students are among the most academically accomplished in the country. Our undergraduate students have among the highest entering averages, and more importantly, the University has the highest degree-completion rate in Canada, with a graduation rate of more than 90 per cent.

Our undergraduate and graduate students view and understand the interconnected world in a fundamentally different way than students of even 10 years ago. They rightly expect that our programs of education and research will not only challenge and stimulate their learning, but also prepare them with the skills and knowledge they – and the world – need in the 21st century.

[Students at the Queen's University Biological Station]

Students at the Queen's University Biological Station

Queen’s, with our residential learning community, accomplished students, and committed faculty, is uniquely positioned to engage, motivate and inspire. Above all, we want our students to experience the joy of discovery.

Engaged students are more successful – they retain more information, they grasp concepts more easily and they have better learning outcomes. That’s why we are transforming our courses to focus on active learning, which involves not only listening, but talking, reading, writing, working and reflecting together.

At the forefront are some of our first-year Arts and Science courses, built around blended learning. Collaborative, small working groups and interactive online resources give students in these classes – among the biggest at the University – an engaging and personal learning experience.

Our students will leave Queen's prepared for the workplace, for leadership and for life. They will be prepared to make a difference in whatever path they choose.

To engage and inspire our students the Initiative Campaign will:

Provide opportunities to learn in different ways

We believe students learn best when they can explore complex, open-ended problems in a multitude of ways. That’s why we will enhance experiential learning; fund projects that provide integrated multi-disciplinary opportunities; and engage community members and experts outside Queen’s to offer seminars, workshops and field studies.

Redefine our space and use technology to enhance learning

Engaged learning requires new types of spaces and new ways of connecting. We will create flexible space to encourage human and intellectual connection and active learning. We will invest in a broad program of infrastructure renewal – from new purpose-built space to reconfigured classrooms, from multi-purpose cultural spaces to improved recreational and athletic facilities. We will make improvements across all parts of campus – including our international home, the Bader International Study Centre in England. We will use technology to enhance learning and complement traditional lectures and seminars, while at the same time increasing access for learners to experience a Queen’s education from a distance.

Secure funds to increase the number of teaching assistants

Teaching Assistants enrich the undergraduate experience as mentors and academic guides while providing fuel for academic research endeavours; those from outside Canada add a global perspective to the Queen’s experience.