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Queen's University

Journal of Critical Race Inquiry

Queen's commitment to broaden understanding, deepen knowledge, invoke inquiry, and challenge normativity led to a search for space to critically consider issues of race, racism, and racialization through a national conversation. This search inspired the development of the Journal of Critical Race Inquiry.

The Journal of Critical Race Inquiry (CRI) is a copyrighted, peer-reviewed, bi-annual, and open-access electronic journal that uses an interdisciplinary approach to feature current research, thoughtful debate, and innovative inquiry into critical race issues. Race is defined as a social construct that has no biological basis, but is nevertheless a fluid, changing and culturally specific concept.

The CRI recognizes the interlocking nature of oppression and its intersectionality based on race, gender, social class, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion, ethnicity, regionalism, etc. The CRI aims to provide a foundation for Canadian scholarship on race within a North American context. The focus is on the social, educational, economic and cultural experiences of diasporic racialized bodies. From this lens, the journal recognizes both the convergence and divergence of the experiences of Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations/Metis, Inuit peoples with that of racially marginalized individuals.

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