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Human Rights Office

Racial Discrimination in Institutions of Higher Learning in the UK

University professor's unexplained hostility towards his black African post-doctoral assistant indicates racial discrimination

In the Anya Case,an Appeals Court ruled that a professor, however credible, could not be determined to be innocent of racial discrimination if he would not, or could not, explain his history of hostile relations with his accuser, a black Nigerian post-doctoral assistant.

University knowingly aids Student union to fire unlawfully two black African students

In the Anyanwu case, the House of Lords ruled that two black African students had an arguable case against the university that suspended and expelled them, leading to their unlawful dismissal by the student union where they worked as salaried officers.

College fails to protect lecturer from racial harassment by students

In the Bhimji case, an Employment Tribunal ruled that a college was vicariously responsible for the sexual and racial harassment of one of its instructors by some of its students. Although the college had taken steps to stop the harassment, they did not go far enough.

College's residency requirement discriminates against a Cypriot student on the ground of nationality.

In theOrphanos case, the House of Lords ruled that a college discriminated against a Cypriot student, contrary to the Race Relations Act, when it charged him overseas tuition. This is because the discrimination (making him pay more than a home student) was based on his nationality, a prohibited ground of racial discrimination.  This did not, however, entitle him to restitution.

Unreasonable treatment of a person from an ethnic minority is not automatically racial discrimination

In theQureshi case,an Appeals Court found that a teacher had been disadvantaged by the incompetence of the hiring committee, who had failed to adhere to the equal opportunities policy, but that he had not been the victim of racial discrimination.

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