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Queen's University

 The October 2007 Orders for Kane

  1. The Respondent shall pay damages to the Complainant for violation of his inherent right to be free from discrimination in the sum of $35,000.
  2. The Respondent shall pay damages to the Complainant for the reckless infliction of mental anguish in the sum of $10,00.
  3. The Respondent shall pay the Complainant special damages of $34,278.75 for the loss of salary that resulted from the violation of his rights.
  4. The Respondent shall pay the Complainant pre-judgment interest on all the above sums from the date on which the Complainant filed his Complaint with the Commission, the interest to be calculated by reference to the rates set for each of the relevant quarters.
  5. The Respondent shall pay the Complainant post-judgment interest on any accumulated principal and prejudgment interest from the date that is thirty days after the date of this Order, at the rate set for the quarter in which the accumulated principal and interest remains outstanding.
  6. The Respondent shall retain at its own expense a qualified  consultant (approved by the Commission) to provide training to all employees, supervisors, and managers on the obligation of employers under the Code and, in particular, the accommodation of persons with disabilities with a special focus on mental health issues.
  7. The Respondent shall within three months of this Order establish a comprehensive written antidiscrimination policy that conforms with the requirements of the Code, and that addresses discrimination on the ground of disability.
  8. The Respondent shall post the policy ordered under (7) in plain and obvious locations at all places where the Respondent does business and will include the policy in the orientation materials that it provides to new employees.
  9. The Respondent shall also provide copies of the policy ordered under (7) as part of any request for proposal.
  10. The Tribunal will remain seized of this matter for twelve months from the date (whichever is later) of this order or any further Order it makes to deal with issues that may arise over the implementation of this and any subsequent Order.

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