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Out-of-Country Coverage

The website describes the principal features of the group benefit plan sponsored by Queen’s University, but Group Policy No. 139046 issued by Great-West Life is the governing document. If there are variations between the information on this site and the provisions of the policy, the policy will prevail.

Out-of-country emergency care is covered for you (or your insured dependents) if it is required as a result of a medical emergency arising while you (or your insured dependents) are outside of Canada for vacation, business, or education and provided you and your insured dependent(s) have coverage under the Supplementary Medical Plan and are covered by the government health plan in your home province.

To submit a claim, please visit Claims Submission.

Travel Within Canada

For travel within Canada there is a reciprocal agreement among provincial health care plans in all provinces except Quebec. In Quebec charges are higher than those in the other provinces, and Great-West Life will pay the amount not paid by OHIP, therefore should you require emergency medical treatment in Quebec, you need to access the Travel Assistance toll free line at 1-855-222-4051 to ensure appropriate processing of claims.

International Travel

When travelling outside of Canada, charges for emergency treatment will be paid at 100%. The following services are included:

  • room and board in a hospital up to the hospital's standard ward rate for each day that you (or your insured dependent) are confined in the hospital
  • hospital services and supplies furnished by a hospital
  • diagnosis and treatment by a physician or surgeon legally licensed to practise medicine

Note: Great-West Life Assurance Company must be notified within 48 hours, or when reasonably possible, following an emergency. Claims may be denied or reduced if contact is not made with Great-West Life within 48 hours of admission to hospital.

If, in the opinion of a physician or Great-West Life, the patient can be returned home or to another medical facility for immediate or continuing treatment and the patient chooses not to for whatever reason, the claim will be denied for payment by Great-West Life .

Important Information for Travellers to Cuba

Our group benefits carrier, Great-West Life, has provided new contact information for plan members requiring emergency medical assistance in Cuba. The US-based company that is the initial point of contact for medical emergencies can no longer accept calls from Cuba, and plan member travelling to that country are advised to write the number for Assured Assistance (905-816-1901) on the back of their current Global Medical Assistance card.

"Medical Emergency" means any sudden critical, unforeseen or unexpected occurrence requiring immediate medical attention and which takes place outside your province of residence while the coverage is in force.

The following out of country expenses are generally not covered by Great-West group plans:

  • Expenses related to pregnancy or delivery after the 34th week of pregnancy or at any time prior to the 34th week if the patient’s Canadian physician considers the pregnancy a high risk.

"Hospital" means an institution having diagnostic facilities that provides active, chronic care or emergency treatment with physicians and registered nurses in attendance 24 hours a day and is so licensed by the appropriate governmental authority. It does not include an institution providing convalescent care, a nursing home, home for the aged, a rest home or any other facility providing similar care.


Insurance ceases immediately upon termination of employment.

Coverage at Retirement under the Retiree Benefits Plan

Please see Retiree Benefits to access the Retiree Benefits Booklet.