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Long-Term Disability Plan

The website describes the principal features of the group benefit plan sponsored by Queen’s University, but Group Policy No. 139046 issued by Great-West Life is the governing document. If there are variations between the information on this site and the provisions of the policy, the policy will prevail.

During the initial assessment period (i.e. the first six months of sick leave plus the next 36 months), a person is considered disabled if, because of disease or injury, there is no combination of duties they can perform that regularly took at least 60% of their time at work to complete. Great-West Life, our long-term disability carrier, has full responsibility for the assessment of a person’s entitlement to long-term disability benefits.

Following the initial assessment period, a person is considered disabled if disease or injury prevent them from being gainfully employed. Gainful employment means work:

  • a person is medically able to perform
  • for which they have at least the minimum qualifications
  • that provides income of at least 60% of their monthly earnings, and
  • that exists either in the province or territory where they worked where they became disabled or where they currently live.

This employment does not necessarily have to be at the University.


Long-Term Disability (LTD) benefits are payable when a person is considered disabled, which is approved by the carrier.

  • Sick leave, or short-term disability, as defined in Queen’s Sick Leave Policy must be supported by medical documentation prior to the commencement of LTD; LTD benefits begin only after you have exhausted the University’s six month sick leave plan.
  • LTD provides you with a portion of your salary (non-taxable income described below) for the duration of your illness, provided medical documentation is supported by our carrier, for the duration of your claim.  This benefit will not continue past the end of the month coinciding with or next following the employee’s 65th birthday. Monthly premiums are based on a percentage of earnings.

Benefit Formula

The LTD benefit is based on an employee’s monthly gross base earnings in effect the day before the benefit period started or the maximum gross benefit, whichever is lower. To learn more about your benefit maximum, please contact your Client Services Advisor in Human Resources.

The LTD benefit is calculated as follows:

  • 68% of the first $1000 of monthly earnings, plus
  • 60% of the next $833.33 of monthly earnings, plus
  • 50% of monthly earnings in excess of $1,833.33


Insurance ceases immediately upon termination of employment.