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USW 2010 Retroactive Pay Adjustments September 2012

The United Steelworkers (USW) 2010 collective agreement was ratified on August 7, 2012. Salary adjustments for eligible employees in the USW Bargaining Unit were processed in the September monthly pay. Retroactive salary payments for the period of July 1, 2011 – June 30 2012 and July 1, 2012 – August 31, 2012 were also included in the September pay.

For more information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below.

  1. When will retroactive (retro) pay be received? Retro pay will be included with the monthly pay deposited in employee bank accounts on September 28th.

  2. What is the retro pay time period? The retro pay period for eligible employees is July 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012. Retro payments were calculated based on the terms outlined in the USW 2010 collective agreement. Negotiated increases include scale adjustments to the salary grid and applicable step increases for eligible employees.

  3. Were pension contributions deducted from the retro payment amount? Yes, the pension deduction amount associated with the retro-active adjustments was deducted twice in error. The amount over-deducted will be refunded in the October pay period.

  4. How can I tell from my pay stub that the pension correction referred to in Question # 3 above was made in October?
    On your paystub your pension contribution shows as a single lump sum, the correction does not appear on a separate line. In September, your total pension contribution was not double deducted or taken twice. Only the deduction amount related to your retroactive earnings was deducted twice.

    In October, your monthly pension contribution was calculated on your normal monthly salary. The amount deducted in September in error was subtracted from October’s normal contribution reducing the amount of pension you paid in October. In November, you will see the standard monthly pension contribution reflected on your paystub. If you have questions about your specific pension calculations, email

  5. Were union dues deducted from retro pay? No. Union dues were deducted only from wages earned in the month of September, the first month of pay since the USW 2010 collective agreement ratification.

  6. How much are union dues?Union dues are 1.55% of total monthly earning, plus 2 cents per hour. The Union dues will appear as two separate lines on your paystub under the Before-Tax Deductions heading. The "Union Dues USW" reflects the 1.55% and the "Union Dues Levy" reflects the 2 cents per hour. These two amounts combined represent union dues payable pursuant to the USW constitution.

  7. Was overtime included in the retro payments? No, retro payments for overtime worked between July 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012 were not included. It will be processed on an upcoming pay—date to be determined in the next few weeks.

  8. I received retro pay, but I did not get a letter with my paystub. Should I have received a letter? Employees receiving salary adjustments will be sent letters outlining their new salary through interoffice mail in the first week of October. If you do not receive a letter by Wednesday, October 10, 2012, please contact Human Resources at 613-533-2070.

    If retro pay has been included in your bank deposit you will see the term "Retro Regular" appear on your paystub under the Hours and Earnings heading along with the retro pay amount.

  9. Where can I find the new salary grid? Salary grids for the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 periods are posted on the Human Resources website “Total Compensation” tab.

  10. I was promoted part way through the retro payment period (July 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012). Was retro pay calculated on my new salary? Your retro payment was based on your original salary until your promotion. After the effective date of your promotion, your retro payment is based on your new salary.

    E.g. Employee promoted on April 1, 2012. From July 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012, retro pay was calculated on the employee’s original salary. From April 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012 retro pay was calculated on the employee’s new salary after the promotion.

  11. I became an employee in the USW bargaining unit part way through the retro payment period (July 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012). Did I receive retro pay? Yes. Eligible employees received retro pay for the time period when they were an employee in the USW bargaining unit. E.g. If you became an employee in the USW bargaining unit on November 1, 2011, you would receive retro payment from November 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012.

  12. I am a retiree who was in the USW bargaining unit? Did I receive retro pay? Yes, you received retro payment in September.

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