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Definition of a Dependent

Covered dependents of an insured member include:

  • a legal spouse (which includes spouses covered by the terms of a separation agreement) or former spouse (divorced or ex-common-law spouses for whom continued insurance coverage is mandated by a court order);
  • a common law spouse or partner;unmarried children, step-children and common-law children under 21 provided they rely fully upon you for support and maintenance;
  • unmarried children under 25 years of age and continuing to attend an accredited educational institution, college or university on a full-time basis provided they rely fully upon the staff member for support and maintenance; and/or
  • any mentally or physically disabled child past the maximum ages stated above (age 21 or age 25 if in school) provided they became disabled prior to the maximum ages and the disability has been continuous. The child, upon reaching the maximum age, must still be incapable of self-sustaining employment and be completely dependent on the employee for support and maintenance.

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