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Queen’s & USW Local 2010 Job Evaluation Project

August 5, 2020

The JE project is transitioning to the ‘Job Evaluation Results and Appeals Phase’ through to September 4, 2020. This step in the process involves notifying employees holding positions in the USW bargaining unit and managers of the rating levels for each sub-factor (“job evaluation results”) for their current job and begin a 30-calendar day appeal process. The rating information has been mutually agreed upon by both the university and USW Local 2010.

For Resources and Support for this phase go to the secure Job Evaluation Project SharePoint site, which provides information related to the ‘Job Evaluation and Appeals Phase’ of the JE Project.

Time Saving Tips for Employees participating in the Results and Appeal Process

In reviewing the Results Form, confirm the following:

  • The information provided in the JCQ is complete (no details about the work have been omitted or under-described in a way that could impact the assessment of the skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions of the position), and describes the position as it was on the date of submission of the JCQ, and
  • The HR evaluations sufficiently credited (considered) all of the information provided in the JCQ (e.g., that the Description fields and Notes, if any, in the Job Evaluation Result Form summarize the expectation for skills, effort, responsibility and working conditions for the position).

To assist in understanding the Results From, consult the Guide to Job Evaluation Results document located on the secured Queen’s- USW JE Project SharePoint website.

Information Sessions

Join one of the information sessions for an update on the project, important activities occurring in August, and what employees and managers can do during this process.  There will opportunity during the information sessions to ask questions using the TEAMS change function, and resources will be highlighted.

Sign Up for an Employee Information Session:

Key Dates




August 5, 2020
Watch for email releasing your job evaluation result
Starting August 5, 2020, eligible USW members will have access to a secure SharePoint site where you will be able to find information relating to the project as well as access job evaluation results for your positions
August 5 – September 4, 2020
Utilize the tools available to understand your results

Information has been provided to help you with reviewing the Results from the job evaluation process. These tools include:

  • Guide to JE Results
  • Virtual information sessions

If you can’t find an answer to your question, reach out to your manager, your USW representative or Human Resources.

August 5 – September 4, 2020
Familiarize yourself with the appeals process
Upon completing a review of the results, you feel that the rating information reflects the job information, you do not need to take any further action. However, if you feel that details about the work were omitted or under-described in the JCQ, or that the evaluators did not consider all of the job information provided in the JCQ, you may consider submitting an appeal. More information on this process is provided on the SharePoint site under the Appeal Process section.
August 10 – 31, 2020
Attend an employee information session
Register through the HR Learning catalogue for a virtual information session led by Human Resources.
September 4, 2020
Last day to submit an appeal (if required)
If you are submitting an appeal, you need to do so by 11:59pm on September 4, 2020. Any appeals received after this date will not be accepted. Appeal Forms that are incomplete and/or do not contain the required information will not be reviewed.
December 2020
Appeals process completed

Upon receipt of an Appeal:

  • USW Local 2010 will review the Appeal Form and inform Human Resources which of the Appeals they recommend to proceed with a further review
  • If Human Resources and USW Local 2010 agree to evaluation changes, the Results Form will be amended and provided to you and your manager at the conclusion of the Appeal Process
  • If agreement is not reached, an independent third-party will review the information

All results agreed to by Human Resources and USW Local 2010 as well as finding by the third-part review are considered final.

Watch for additional communication

Upon completion of the Appeal Process, next steps include:

  • Finalizing point bands
  • Mapping positions to salary grades (2-9)
  • Pay Equity analysis
  • Implementing the new Job Evaluation System

Following the appeal process, the university and the USW will negotiate the remaining features of the JE plan.


  • Consult the Job Evaluation Project SharePoint site which includes an Infographic and FAQs.
  • Initiate a support request via the university’s dedicated job evaluation support line or extension 78018.
  • Contact the USW Office at 613-533-2693 or to consult with a representative of USW to discuss your results and/or to seek guidance regarding filing an appeal.
  • Consult with your manager