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FAQ - Position Re-evaluation

The Following FAQ apply to position re-evaluation for General Staff and USW.

  1. To which employee groups does this re-evaluation process apply?

    The re-evaluation process applies to General Staff positions, including Research, in grades 2 to 14 and USW positions.

  2.  How do I know whether a position that has undergone changes needs to be re-evaluated?

    In order to be considered for re-evaluation, a position must have experienced significant change that is ongoing in nature. These changes may result from an organizational restructuring that substantially changed the responsibilities of the position. Another situation would be the introduction of a new program that results in a position taking on significantly increased responsibilities of an ongoing nature, requiring substantially different levels of knowledge, skill and decision making. A position that has experienced significant change may be accepted for re-evaluation, however, the changes may not necessarily result in a change to the grade level when re-evaluated.

    For positions that are filled, an incumbent must have held the position for at least six months for the position to be eligible for re-evaluation.

    For specific details about position eligibility for review and re-evaluation, refer to the Manager's Reference: Position Re-evaluation Criteria and Process for General Staff and USW.

  3. Does supervision of additional employees require a position re-evaluation?

    Supervising others is just one element of determining a position's grade level. For example, adding one or two additional direct reports to the position does not necessarily constitute significant change and require a position re-evaluation. Several other components are considered collectively, including other responsibilities, the qualifications, judgement and decision making requirements, and other accountabilities. Changes relating to all of these components will be assessed to determine the need for re-evaluation.

  4. What needs to be done in order to get a position re-evaluated?

    Review the Manager's Reference: Position Re-evaluation Criteria and Process for General Staff and USW and Request for Position Re-evaluation Form (HR-FRM-039). They will aid in determining whether a position meets the criteria for re-evaluation. If, after reviewing these documents, the Manager believes that the position changes support a re-evaluation, the Manager will complete the Request for Position Re-evaluation Form (HR-FRM-039).

    The information gathered in the Request for Position Re-evaluation Form - General Staff along with other supplementary information provided is used by HR to determine whether re-evaluation is needed.

    If, after reviewing the above documents, you have questions, please contact your HR advisor.

  5. Do I need to submit an updated position summary for the position as part of the re-evaluation request?

    Yes and it must be an electronic version of MS Word (using the Position Summary template) with tracked changes shown. An HR team member will review the proposed position summary and may make suggested edits.

  6. What level of management approval is required to submit a re-evaluation request?

    The position's direct Manager may complete and submit a re-evaluation request. The Department Head/Director or designate must sign and approve the request for re-evaluation and confirm the effective date of the position changes.

  7. Can an employee submit a re-evaluation request for their position?

    If an employee believes that there has been significant change to the position and it is ongoing in nature, the changes should be discussed with the Manager to whom the position reports. Requests for re-evaluation are submitted by the Manager.

  8. What is the estimated timing for getting a position re-evaluated?

    Re-evaluation requests will be processed according to the date on which they are received. It is difficult to estimate the turnaround time for a request, as variables such as time taken by Managers to provide information and review draft job descriptions, the need for additional information, obtaining approvals, and the number of concurrent submissions received by HR can all affect completion time. In addition, other University priorities have an impact on the processing of re-evaluation requests. For example, the annual salary reviews process and evaluation/re-evaluation of positions for vacancies are always given top priority. HR will endeavor to process all re-evaluation requests in as timely a manner as possible.

  9. Will the incumbent have an opportunity to review the updated position summary before it is finalized?

    Throughout the process, the employee may be provided the opportunity to provide input, including being asked by their Manager to review the updated content, and sign the job description. Managers are encouraged to involve their employees in the process.

  10. If a position is reclassified to a higher level, will the incumbent receive retroactive pay?

    It is the Manager's responsibility to identify the effective date of position changes on the Request for Position Re-evaluation Form. Management staff are expected to submit requests as close as possible to the effective date of the position changes.

    Retroactive pay adjustments will be processed based on the effective date indicated by the Manager. Pay changes may be made retroactively in consultation with an HR team member.

  11. How do I obtain more information about how a decision was reached (for example, a request to re-evaluate a position was not supported by HR, or I do not understand the results of the re-evaluation)?

    At any point in the process the Manager, incumbent or both are welcome to request a meeting (in person or by phone) with the HR team member who worked with the Manager for the re-evaluation. The HR team member will be available to meet with the Manager and the employee to provide an explanation and enhance understanding.

  12. Who do I contact if I have questions about the process for re-evaluation of a position?

    For further information about position re-evaluation please contact your HR Advisor.