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Inclement Weather Policy


On occasion, inclement weather may make it difficult for employees to get to work. Employees are expected to make arrangements during periods of inclement weather which will enable them to arrive as soon as possible. In times of severe weather, information about the status of University operations will be available by calling the Queen's Status Line at 613-533-3333.

The University will not penalize an employee for lateness or absence if a genuine effort has been made to get to work. Normally, employees will be provided the opportunity to select from the choices listed in the Procedures below to cover the missed time.

When weather conditions are severe, Department Heads may choose to permit employees of the department to leave early, without loss of pay. Departments are not to close without prior consultation with the respective Dean or Vice-Principal.

The decision to close the University completely cannot be made lightly. Some services and facilities can only be closed under the most extreme circumstances; others must be maintained whatever the weather. Only when the situation is extreme will the Provost’s Office make the decision to close the University. When such a decision is made, the University's Disaster Recovery Plan specifies the actions to be taken.


When an employee is unable to report to work or will be late to work because of inclement weather conditions, the employee shall contact their Department Head/designate as soon as possible to advise them of their absence or delay. Normally, the employee will be given the option of:

  1. using annual vacation leave (if absence is one half day or a whole day)

  2. making up the time

  3. using lieu time (when applicable)

  4. taking leave without pay