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Election to Public Office


The University recognizes that employees have a right to be involved in political activities, to be candidates for and to hold elected office.


An employee who intends to run for elected office, entailing time away from work, must request a leave of absence from their department head, who shall inform the respective dean or vice-principal. The recommended length of unpaid leaves of absence for campaign and election purposes are outlined as follows:

  1. for election to either the Parliament of Canada, or the Provincial Legislature, leave for the equivalent of up to 30 days

  2. for election to Municipal, Regional or County office or Board of Education, leave for the equivalent of up to 10 days, depending on the nature of the position being sought

The period of leave in each case need not be taken in whole or as consecutive days. During the election campaign the staff member shall speak and write as a private citizen and not as a representative of Queen's University.

If the employee is successful in their election bid, they will be granted a leave of absence for one term of office. At the end of this term, the employee is expected to return to work. Failure to do so will be deemed as a resignation from the University. If an employee runs for, and is successful in winning a second term in office, then he/she will be expected to resign from the University. Appointment to a cabinet post requires that the employee resign from their position with the University.

While there is no guarantee that an employee returning from this leave will be re-assigned to their former position, they will be returned to a similar or comparable position within their department. Length of service with the University will not be affected by the leave.

During the period of time that the employee is on leave as a result of being elected, all vacation entitlement will end effective the last day worked. Compensation for any outstanding vacation will be the responsibility of the department in which the staff member is employed. Upon return to work, the vacation entitlement for that year will be pro-rated to reflect the actual time worked.