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Queen's University

Liability Insurance

Queen's carries a General Liability policy through CURIE (Canadian Universities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange) program which covers all premises and operations including blanket contractual liability, professional and malpractice liability, cross liability, tenant's legal liability and employer's liability.  The limit per occurrence is inclusive for bodily injury and property damage.

From time to time, departments are required by outside service providers to provide proof of liability coverage in the form of a Certificate of Insurance.  To arrange for a certificate, please contact the Insurance Unit of Human Resources at (613) 533-2070 and include the following details:

  • Name and full address of Certificate Holder (company who is asking for the proof of liability)
  • Certificate Holder's Contact Information (name, title, telephone, fax, email)
  • Value of Liability Limit being requested
  • Are they asking to be named as "Additional Insured"?
  • Detailed description of operations
  • Who is performing the activity
  • Location of activity
  • Dates certificate is required for

If this is not yet a sanctioned event, contact the Insurance Unit of Human Resources at (613) 533-2070 for information.  You may also want to consult the OCASP procedures on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

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